Ask the Phinsider

Hello there Mile High Report!

We over the the Phinsider, the SB Nation Miami Dolphins site, have a bit of a tradition of reaching out to other teams just before a game to answer questions and have some football talk. 

Some of you may be surprised to hear that Miami actually still has an NFL franchise this year.  Rest assured, that Pee Wee team you saw playing the Jets on Monday night was the Miami Dolphins.

This Sunday's game is going to prove to be very interesting a lot of levels.  First, there was the possible trade for Orton that never went down this off season.  Second, we may witness the beginning of the Tebow era.  Finally, this game should really help clear up the front runners in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes!

In all seriousness now, feel free to ask any questions that you may have about this upcoming game and I will try to give you the best possible answer.  Bunch of other Phinsider guys usually stop by and answer some questions as well.

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