Tebow not your typical QB thus not your typical offense!

As many other Bronco fans I am ready and excited to go forward with Tim Tebow as our future QB.  First let me start off with my opinion about Tebow.  I was never a fan of him in college, heck I was actually upset when the Broncos drafted him.  However like I am to any player that wears the Orange and Blue I supported him.  I began to watch him, and listen to him.  To be frankly honest, I am still not a major fan of his game as I prefer a true pocket QB.  However there is something about him that I can quit explain, other then simply saying he his a natural born leader.  As many said, and I am sure it will be said again is that Tebow gets the job done, but it might not be the prettiest.    However I began to further analyze actually what we had at the QB position, and decided that this is how our offense should be ran.  




I think most fans will agree that Tebow is not the best passer but has amazing running ability, heart and awareness. However it is not only the fans that notice this, as many teams most likely stack the box, and try to prevent the run, and keep a spy on Tebow.   There are plenty of formations the Broncos could use  however here are a few formations I would like to see most.  .  

Legend:  Red: QB  Purple: RB/TE  Yellow: WR  Pink: TE/WR  White: O-line

Shotgun ACE


I think this is the type of formation we will see Tebow mostly out of.  That is because there is a couple extra blockers at the line, where a heavy set can even come in where the Pink TE/WR can actually be a Oline man.  I also think this will mostly be utilized is because the Tebow seems better suited in the Shot Gun.  However I think with snap reps he will get use to being under center.    How I expect the Broncos to use this formation is by QB sneaks, and Draws/Delays.  I also expect the WRs to be in man so I would expect quick slants.   I would like to see some slip screens form the TE also.

Strech/ 4 wide


I doubt we will see alot of this but I think this is where we can actually be very successive.  This would either prevent the defense from playing man, saying they want to keep box stacked or they stay playing man coverage and gives us an outstanding chance to run the ball.   I personally think the Ds will continue to stack the box, and play a zone coverage.  With Tebow under center I see us doing a few quick bubble screens, which works great against a soft zone.  I also can see Tebow just dropping back and having chance to pick apart a zone, with Decker, Thomas, Royal, and Willis.   If the D continues to play man, then I think we can smash it down there throats.  

Two TE Sets

Form-t_medium   Form-u_medium

      Balanced  Strong

I would expect to see a lot of Two TE sets, especially with Thomas (TE) coming back from injury.  The box will be stacked, and we will be saying where going to run the ball and there is nothing your going to do about it.  Which I think is really the John Fox mentality.   I would expect plenty of runs between the tackles, a few counters to keep the D from being over aggressive and sweeps/tosses (maybe Moreno) to keep the D somewhat spread sideline to sideline.  I then would expect play-action out of this formation where either Decker or Thomas go deep, and you have a check down to a TE, using the RB as a pass protect, with late release. knowing how tebow byes time.  


Open Set


In all honesty this is what I personally would like to see.  I doubt it but I think it fits our weapons best.  Where Tebow can even come in a shotgun formation looking like a wishbone formation.  What I have in mind here is Tebow under center, where the WRs have man coverage, you can go heavy set (Pink) or TE, and then in the Backfield have Moreno and McGahee, yes both.    I think this would be very hard to defend.  Where if needed Tebow can get the ball quicker and toss it up two either Decker or Thomas in man.  Can hand it off to McGahee (strong side) or screen pass to Moreno.  So many options I would run out this formation.  You could flare both RBs out, leaving the center weak (in Man LB/S will follow RB) for QB draw.   Tebow could also do his fake draw, shot pass to the TE.  I think with Moreno healthy he needs to be in the formation and this could help, especially if they are stacking the box.  This isn't your typical pros style offense but Tebow isn't your typical pro QB.  


Thanks for reading please tell me how you think the Broncos should Run the offense to best suit Tebow.  

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