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NFL Weekly Picks (Week 4): Broncoboy326 and John Bena Make Their Picks

     In this, our inaugural season of the Readers vs the Staffers Weekly Prognostications, after three weeks, the Readers have taken a commanding five game lead over the staffers. This week, we will look to see if the MHR staff can narrow the gap, or if the Readers will continue to dominate. This week our reader is that MHR member known as Broncoboy326. Broncoboy326 writes:

"YOU PLAY, TO WIN THE GAME...HELLO...YOU PLAY, TO WIN THE GAME...YOU DON"T PLAY TO JUST PLAY IT!...WHEN YOU START TELLING ME IT DOESN'T MATTER THEN RETIRE, GET OUT, CAUSE IT MATTERS!"  I’m a die-hard Broncos fan, the kind of die-hard fan who made John Elway posters in first grade then waived the posters through both Super Bowl victories even if I wasn't old enough to grasp how special those victories were.  When I moved into my first house, me and my roommates instantly created a Broncos wall that we quickly covered it with Broncos paraphernalia.

As the quote above shows, I’ve also managed to become a Herm Edwards fan.  (Yes, he coached for the Chiefs, but Shannon played for the Ravens and I’m big enough to look past that.) What started as the rally cry for our intramural football team has turned into my friends’ and my rally cry for anything in life.  When I was contemplating asking a girl out, my friend gave me a "pep talk" consisting of little more than him asking "Why do you play?" I knew it then, and I know it now, after dating her for the last four months, "You play to win the game." And that message goes to the members of MHR who think we should start a QB who doesn't give us the best chance to win.  I respectfully say, "you play to win the game, you don't play to just evaluate talent, and when you start telling me it doesn't matter, then get out, cause it matters."

Broncoboy326 will be competing with John Bena. John writes:

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of My goal has always been and always will be to create the best community-driven, independent site dedicated to the Denver Broncos on the web. A site that would do the team we all love proud. Because of the many fine members and contributors here at, we are well on our way to doing that. The Guru is married to a beautiful Patriots fan and has two lovely daughters. The family resides in Ohio. A quiet man of few words, A quiet man of few words -- unless you listen to MHR Radio -- John prefers to let his picks do the talking.


And now, onto the picks

Readers Staffers
Last Week 10-5 10-5
Season to Date 33-12 28-17



Minnesota@Kansas City

Broncoboy326: MIN- Chiefs still worst team in the league




Broncoboy326: TEN- Matt Hasselbeck stays hot




Broncoboy326: DET- I can't bet against a team with such a feel good story



Washington@St. Louis

Broncoboy326: WAS- Two former Broncos coaches battle, I think we know who will win



New Orleans@Jacksonville

Broncoboy326: NO- Drew Brees and Company too good for mediocre Jag D



San Francisco@Philadelphia

Broncoboy326:PHI -Eagles get it back on track at home against a weak NFC West squad




Broncoboy326: BUF- Nobody Circles the Wagons like the Buffalo Bills




Broncoboy326: PIT Steelers finally decide to show up




Broncoboy326: CHI I still Hate Jay Cutler...




Broncoboy326: ATL Still not sold on ATL, but SEA is badddd



New York Giants@Arizona

Broncoboy326: NYG -Laws of universe state that at least one manning must be good at all times



New England@Oakland

Broncoboy326: NE unlike last week, I wont make myself hated by picking  the Raiders



Miami@San Diego

Broncoboy326: SD- have to admit that the chargers will win at home though



New York Jets@Baltimore

Broncoboy326: BAL- Never have been a Sanchez fan


Indianapolis@Tampa Bay

Broncoboy326: TB- While Indy will keep improving, still not ready to win a game without Manning yet