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Broncos Run Roughshod ... Best Chance To ...

The defense finally got manhandled for the first time in 2011. It's a sight we saw often last season, but rather than jump off the nearest bridge with the sky falling let's just realize that this team had to be perfect to have a chance. I really think the Green Bay Packers are going to repeat this year. They are that good.

Once again, Kyle Orton struggled to find consistency and really helped the Packers jump on the Broncos throats early and it was downhill - with a slight bump in the second quarter - ever since. Once again, the Orton-led Broncos put up a paltry 17 points(23 pts, thank you Garbage Time Stud!). However, I'm not upset by that...just used to it.

The fact is, the Broncos were run roughshod and didn't have a chance really. My problem is, if the Broncos were serious about Tebow's development then why not put him in the game late to get some reps? Unless that is, they have no interest in developing Tebow at the future franchise quarterback.

I don't like this theory, but John Bena can be quite convincing. What makes him even more convincing is the bullcrap "best chance to win" lines we get from both John Fox and John Elway. How about just man up and let Broncos Country know you plan to go in a different direction next year?  I only stopped watching the Broncos play every week one other time in my life as a fan and that was after Terrell Davis got injured. I started watching later that season when the Broncos finished strong and honestly, I never felt as helpless about that team as I do about this one.

What reason do I have to watch a 1-3 team that can't score on offense and isn't yet good enough on defense to consistently hold teams below twenty points a game. I feel for Kyle Orton, I really do. He seems like a really nice guy, but in this case the nice guy needs to finish last.

Tim Tebow now gives us the best chance to win. By letting Tebow run the offense, fans like me will have reason to watch again. We'll be excited and eager to see the Broncos play again. Win or lose we'll feel like this team is finally committed to the future. 

As it stands right now Elway, all you are doing is wasting our time.