Tebow Being Sent to a Gun Fight with a Pocket Knife

Without going into all the well-discussed pros and cons of the Brandon Lloyd trade, i was struck last night by two commentaries by Steve Young and Sterling Sharpe on either ESPN or, I forget which. When the trade was announced, my own, initial, reaction was simple-minded. It seemed like it reduced Tebow's chances to succeed and thus the team's chances win.

The pocket knife quote above was supplied by Sterling Sharpe, which is a catchy way to describe my initial impression of the trade. 

Steve Young commented that he "hoped" the game plan allowed Tebow to spread everybody "way out," where he had the freedom to create and improvise. He was discouraged by the idea that the Fox offense would run tight, bunched-in, two tight- end formations. It was his impression that the Brandon Lloyd trade was a sure sign of rebuilding, and he just shook his head as he said that was already not a good situation for Tebow to start.

He further described this situation as a very tough sink or swim, up hill battle in which he would need all his heart and intangibles to getl through it.

I bring these two coomentaries to you attention because I have long thought that Fox has no interest in Tebow's "development" but rather to simply evaluate him "as is" and decide whether he cuts the mustard or not.

Think for a moment what a veteran QB would think if he were thrown into this starter situation when his best, most productive WR (with which he had some chemistry) was traded just as he's name the starter! Think Carson Palmer and his situation in Oakland compared to Tebows. Do you think Carson Palmer would rather be in Denver, with the same financial deal he has in Oakland? I think not, but that gives me a framework that offers a more realistic view than the one where all our young receivers show great promise that everyone will be happily surprised at how successful they are..

This would never have happened if EFX wasn't in a no lose situation. No matter how the season turns out, they will write if off as a rebuilding year. Wow, did we suddenly switch from "best chance to win," to "let's see what the youngsters can do." That's reasonable, but let's see that the coaches have too. Can they adapt to the players they have or just plug them into their system and see if they can sink or swim.

Now, my curiosity is focused on what kind of game plan we see in the next game. Tebow, himself, has said that the scheme is essentially the same as before he was named the starter, with maybe some plays in it he runs well.

In sum, I think we are at best in for a game in which the players will be fighting an uphill battle against the game plan, which will only be changed when we are behind, and Tebow will again be put in a situation in which he's trying to come from behind with a miracle hail-mary pass in the end.

I fervently hope I'm wrong and will change my opinion of the coaching staff if things work out well for the remaineder of the season, but I'm "preparing for the worst, and hoping for the best."

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