'Twas the Week before Miami

(To the rhyme, as best I could, of "The Night Before Christmas", but a bit shorter, that thing is loooong)

‘Twas the Week before the Miami Game when all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring, Not even a (Bluetooth-enabled) mouse.
Bronco fans in Florida were donning their wares,
In the hopes that young Tim Tebow and his band, soon would be there.

Ignoring  MSM howls from pundits and other talking heads,
Visions of Superbowls danced in their heads..
Our offense, so far,  was but good for a Sunday nap,
Until last week at half-time, Couch Fox game Tim’s shoulder a tap.

Out on the field in 4th Quarter, there rose such a clatter,
We sprang from out Lazee-boys to see what was the matter
Into to the Endzone we watched young Tim he did crash,
And Moreno – with that screen pass - oh, what a dash

The roar at Mile High during the last few minutes did grow,
Cheers of “Go Broncos”, and even louder “TE-BOW”
When to what to my wandering eyes should appear,
But a missed Pass Interference call, to me, very clear
But at least I knew now we had a QB, so lively and quick.
Even if ideally he’d linger in a the pocket a bit more, and stick.

Then more rapid than eagles his critics they came,
Whistling, doubting, shouting and debating his game,
“Not a passer, bad footwork, no training will fix him”,
“I’ll  brand him a failure to all who will listen.”
“I’ll stake my future on this, on watching him fall”.
“He won’t make it in this game, not running the ball”

But as dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly,
When Tebow meets with an obstacle, well, it just makes him try.
And if he can’t throw like a Brady, well, he will make do.
With a sleigh full of passion, heart, and willpower too.

He’ll speak not a word, but go straight to work,
Ignoring those voices, like Hoge, what a jerk.
Will he succeed, not sure, but who really knows?
But I’m pretty sure that improvement with experience grows.

So this Sunday I hope as the Ref blows his whistle,
Tim hits young DT, fit and healthy, with a throw like a missile.
And we Bronco Fans, as we leap in the air with delight
Can exclaim  “We had faith in you Tebow, and you know, WE WERE RIGHT!!!!!”

(P.S I know will take more than a few good throws to confirm Tebows future, and it's not about 'being right'  but the rhyme worked.)

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