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What Do We Expect From Tim Tebow On Sunday?

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On Sunday we could witness the start of a new era in Denver. Tim Tebow will make his first start of the season for the Denver Broncos and his fourth start of his young career. The expectations for Tebow are quite strange. The college success makes a lot of people thinking he should do great things and hoping he becomes the next great quarterback in the NFL. Lots of others expectations are very low because of the style he plays. 

Tim Tebow is going to get an 11 game audition. I think the fate of Tim Tebow as a Denver Bronco will be decided in those games. Think about it.

Tim Tebow when he is not a starter is a distraction. You cannot deny that. It is hard for him to be the leader that he is when he is not on the field.  The past season and a half, every time Kyle Orton played poor, people called for Tim Tebow. Most quarterbacks do not get that treatment but when you have the name Tim Tebow on your roster it will happen. Every week this season, we heard about new ways fans were trying to get Tim Tebow to play. If Tim Tebow wins say two of his eleven starts, the Broncos will draft a quarterback. Brady Quinn and Kyle Orton are both free agents. If the Broncos draft a quarterback, Tim Tebow will have to leave. It is too much of a distraction to have Florida Gator fans and uneducated football fans calling for Tim Tebow every time the new starter performs poor. Agree or not?

Remember how nice it was when we all loved Cutler and every week, we knew who our quarterback was going to be? If the starter for Denver is not Tim Tebow next year, he will have to leave because we cannot continue to have our starter questioned. I think 11 games is enough for Tebow to prove we won't take Andrew Luck or enough to show that we don't have a choice.

Now, instead of looking at next year, lets see what Tim Tebow has to do to stay the quarterback. I think that stats are not going to mean a lot for Tim Tebow. We have seen in the four starts that Tebow is not a conventional cookie cutter quarterback that the league seems to want. Tebow is not a quarterback, he is a playmaker at the quarterback position. That is not a bash at him either. Tebow is not afraid to make plays. There will be some games under Tim that are ugly. But there will be some really exciting times. Tim Tebow is going to have to show that he does not turn the ball over. He has done a good job in his 3 and a half games so far. 

I picture two different Tim Tebow scenarios of what will happen this season.

1) Tim Tebow will shine. Tim Tebow will find a way to win about 5 or 6 games at maximum for the Broncos We will see Tim Tebow play a lot like in college. He will have designed runs and will check one or two receivers on plays. We will see a lot of missed sacks. But he will will the Broncos to wins. We have seen Tebow have slow starts but as he adjusts to the offense  and learns it, the starts will get faster. He will continue to will the Broncos to comebacks and create excitement.  Tim will learn to adjust his game and continue to play the way he does. If Michael Vick can continue to run, than why can't Tim Tebow?  Tim will throw for about 20 touchdowns and rush for 8 or 9.

2) Tebow will only win about 2 games. He will miss a couple starts because of injury. We will see what the experts were talking about and where Tim Tebow will struggle is adjusting to teams who have adjusted to him. He will struggle throwing across the middle when he has to and teams will take the sidelines away because it is his favorite area. He will throw for 10 touchdowns and still rush for 7 or 8. The team will be forced to find a trading partner for Tim Tebow because they are going in another direction.


It seems really extreme but what will actually happen will be somewhere in between there. We need to be realistic though. We need a quarterback that can win games. We will find that out. This team is become very healthy and there will not be any excuses. He can still run the ball, but has to learn to run situational football when called for and if he can  prove he has learnt these things, ladies and gentleman Tim Tebow will be the Denver Broncos starter for the future because he will take us so far out of the Andrew Luck sweepstakes, we will not have to worry about it. If he gives the Broncos the opportunity to consider another quarterback, than his career with this team will be over because we have to move on and cannot have the distraction of him as a backup. Having him a starter is damn exciting though is it not? I have not been this amped up for a game between two teams with one combined win in my life. 

I want Tim Tebow to succeed and exceed my expectations and I expect him this Sunday to have a good game. If we cannot defeat the Dolphins, I worry for this team who we will actually be able to beat. Tebow can do this as long as he can find a way to beat the pass rush from Miami because trust me, it will be coming like any team would to a rookie quarterback. 

The Broncos will win this Sunday. How could they not when Miami is honoring our quarterback with Florida day?