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Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - 10/21/11

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BTV Thursday News Hit |
Teammates talk about the benefit of Tim Tebow's persona in the huddle and during practice; wide receiver versatility could confuse opponents.

NFL Videos: Playbook: Broncos vs. Dolphins
Believe it or not, Tebowmania isn't the only story to watch when the Broncos face off with the Dolphins. Will Tebow notch a win against the winless Dolphins? "Playbook" goes into the film room to predict a winner.

Tebow Nation awaits Denver quarterback's start in Miami –
Never mind the NFL standings. When the 1-4 Denver Broncos play at the 0-5 Miami Dolphins, a nation will be watching. Tebow Nation.

Midseason switch at QB can be trying for the Broncos - The Denver Post
The idea has been passed down from one football generation to the next like some treasured heirloom — to be protected, nurtured and then sent on. The idea is that football is the ultimate team game, with the needs of many outweighing the needs of one.

McGahee's career rejuvenated with Broncos | Fox Sports Florida
Former Hurricanes star Willis McGahee's career gone up and down, but he feels good with the Broncos.

Looking Back on Brandon Marshall As a Bronco |
John Fox wasn’t around when Brandon Marshall was in Denver, so the wide receiver’s first game against the Broncos is no sentimental occasion; Fox’s focus is on his defense’s need to shut down Miami’s only 1,000-yard receiver of the past five seasons.

Denver Broncos News

Week 7 - Thursday: Fox |
Head Coach Joh Fox talks to the press after Thursday's practice.

Week 7 - Thursday: Allen |
Defensive Coordinator Dennis Allen talks about preparing for Miami.

Week 7 - Thursday: McCoy |
Offensive Coordinator Mike McCoy talks about how Tim Tebow has looked during practice this week and preparing for the Dolphins. news: Tebow haters don't shake quarterback's faith in higher calling
Miami Dolphins center Mike Pouncey, a former teammate of Tim Tebow, says of the Denver quarterback: "If I have a daughter someday, that's the kind of guy I want her to marry."

Tebow visit brings Dolphins sellout | National Football Post
There are some who might say that by honoring the University of Florida national championship team of 2008 three years after the fact is a sell out on behalf of the Miami Dolphins.

With shoulder on mend, Dumervil gaining confidence -
Only by lifting weights has a weight been lifted off of Elvis Dumervil. The Denver Broncos pass rush specialist has been hampered by a sore left shoulder all season, an injury that's sapped his strength and caused him endless aggravation.

Pat Bowlen lightens his load by stepping down as NFL labor chair - The Denver Post
Pat Bowlens work is done. With the NFL labor committee, that is. His work with the Broncos is far from finished. Bowlen, the Broncos owner since March 1984, had served the past 10 years as co-chairman of the leagues labor committee, along with Carolina owner Jerry Richardson.

Broncos' Bailey ready for matchup against former teammate Marshall - The Denver Post
Champ Bailey isnt scared of Brandon Marshall. Bailey isnt saying hes going to get in a fight with his former teammate or anything — as Marshall infamously stated the previous week about a couple of New York Jets.

Broncos will need a better red-zone defensive effort against the Dolphins - The Denver Post
Tim Tebow making the start Sunday in Miami and the Dolphins decision to use that day to honor one of Tebows University of Florida national championship teams has overshadowed other things about Sundays affair.

Dolphins are feeling the heat for honoring Tebow, Gators - The Denver Post
Todays question about the Broncos comes from Cecil S. in Florida. Q: Can you explain why the Dolphins would honor Tim Tebow at their own game?

Denver Broncos Blogs

Notebook: A Marquee Matchup |
Cornerback Champ Bailey gets ready to face an old teammate in wideout Brandon Marshall, Tim Tebow learns from experience and Brian Dawkins is anxious to return.

Broncos Defense Prepares for Dolphins Playmakers |
The Dolphins winless record doesn't indicate their capability as several players and coaches point out.

Catching Up With the Newest Bronco, Rafael Bush |
Like any player plucked from another team’s practice squad. safety Rafael Bush has endured a whirlwind week in moving from the Atlanta Falcons to the Broncos. To top off the quick change, he switched primary safety positions from strong safety to free safety after arriving in Denver.

Broncos head to South Beach | Bronco Planet
The 1-4 Broncos take their talents to South Beach to face the 0-5 Miami Dolphins in what will be known as ‘Gator Day’ aka ‘Tim Tebow’ day aka ‘Suck for Luck’ bowl aka the 9th home game of the season…

Tebow promotion could help the Dolphins | First-and-Orange
On the surface, the Dolphins’ decision to honor the 2008 Florida Gators national championship _ which really means honoring Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow _ at a time when Tebow is in town to play the Dolphins, seems counterproductive to a team pulling out all the stops to win a game.

NFL News

Mara selected to head NFL Management Council - CNBC
New York Giants owner John Mara was appointed chairman of the NFL Management Council, the league's most powerful committee.

Former NFL players suing league or Riddell for concussions - The Denver Post
After congressional hearings, increased media attention and revised rules, the NFLs concussion saga has entered its next phase: litigation.

Pasadena studies letting NFL temporarily use Rose Bowl - LA Times
City leaders and the company that manages the stadium have agreed to move forward with a traffic study to measure the effect of hosting a pro team while a permanent facility is built elsewhere.

Detroit Lions' Jerome Harrison has brain tumor - The Denver Post
The trade that wasnt might have saved Jerome Harrisons life. According to ESPN, doctors discovered Harrison had a brain tumor during his physical Wednesday.

Denver Broncos Fans

The Anti-Tebow Article: The One You Never Wanted To Read - Mile High Report
A couple of days ago Nate Jackson, former Broncos WR/TE, wrote an article that has been well received all across the state of Colorado. For those of you that do not live here, Nate has been on every sports radio station at least once in the past couple of days and is enjoying his own resurgence in popularity thanks to the all-giving popularity that is Tim Tebow.

Projected Win-Loss and Draft selection with Tebow - Mile High Report
This fanpost started in a comment on a fanshot and I really liked the premise, so I decided to elaborate and turn it into a full blown post of its own. Basically I wanted to find a way to take Tebow's extremely small sample size and use it as a basis for making a baseline of expectations for the remainder of the season. Obviously this isn't going to be anywhere near realistic... but if gives a decent idea of some things moving foward as well as a fun peak into the future based on stats that aren't non-relevant to winning.

'Twas the Week before Miami - Mile High Report
(To the rhyme, as best I could, of "The Night Before Christmas", but a bit shorter, that thing is loooong)

Tebow Being Sent to a Gun Fight with a Pocket Knife - Mile High Report
Without going into all the well-discussed pros and cons of the Brandon Lloyd trade, i was struck last night by two commentaries by Steve Young and Sterling Sharpe on either ESPN or, I forget which. When the trade was announced, my own, initial, reaction was simple-minded. It seemed like it reduced Tebow's chances to succeed and thus the team's chances win.