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NFL Weekly Picks (Week ): Nolie and Jess Place Make Their Picks

     After three losses and two ties, the MHR Staffers finally won a weekly picks contest. Congratulations to Troy Hufford. Troy asked what he would win for coming out on top. The consensus of the staff is that he now has their respect. LOL. MDeesh's response to the way it all played out was, "Well, that'll teach me to make my picks at 1:00am." It was another week of strong competition and the Staffers have closed the gap on the Readers just a bit. The big question now, will the Staffers be able to create a winning streak (if two wins can be called that) or will the Readers rise up once again to deny the Staffers?

This week our reader is that MHR member known as Nolie. Nolie writes:

I attended my first Bronco game in 1967.  My brother and I bought tickets in the nose-bleed section and easily moved down to the 100 level in the first quarter.  I really became hooked in 1969 but couldn't afford tickets --not because of the cost but because I was stumbling around trying to find myself.
I never did find myself but I became a season ticket holder in the early 70s and sat in the South stands.  Those were the days.  The Broncos didn't have to win..... only score every once in a while.  I would go to Ft. Collins and later to Greeley to watch each new class of prospects.  My job brought me to Seattle in the 80's---before satellite TV.   My mother  video taped every game and sent to me.  I now have the NFL package and watch each game at least twice.  I read MHR every morning and would be lost without it.  This is my first entry into the publication. The above is a short write up of why I believe I am qualified to take on the staff of your great publication.

Nolie will be competing with Jess Place. Jess writes:

Jezru (Jess) has been an avid Bronco fan the moments immediately preceding conception.  Born in the wilds of El Paso county, his family moved from mountains to Denver when he was four.  Undeterred by the heartbreaking Super Bowl losses of the 1980's, Jess would follow the Broncos while attending college in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  It was there, perched atop a long sullied dorm room mattress that he witnessed the height of Super Bowl glory.  Since those Super Bowl years, Jess has lived and died (mostly died) with the successes and failures of the franchise.  Last year his season ticket dream became a reality and now has carte blanche to use that status as some sort of bizarre validation for his eccentric views on how the Broncos should run the team.  Jess has also been known to eat whole packages of ham in one sitting and has an affinity for salt water taffy (though certainly not ham flavored salt water taffy... That would be gross).  

And now, onto the picks

Readers Staffers
Last Week 7-6 9-4
Season to Date 59-26 55-30





Nolie: Carolina will take out the Redskins, and Shanahan will fall back with the rest of the NFC East pretenders.

Jess: Washington.  Cam Newton will again come oh so close, but fall short.  Shanny wins the day.



Nolie: Cleveland will prevail, as the Seahawks will never win two road games in a row.

Jess: Cleveland. If they don't win, Drew Carey could waste away to nothing. The Browns will protect their icon. 



Nolie: Detroit is a fired-up team with a fired-up coach. They will win at home over the disappointing Falcons.

Jess: Atlanta. The spell has been broken with the heartbreaking loss to San Francisco. Detroit has to face a little adversity this year and I think back-to-back losses will be it.



Nolie: Chris Johnson will finally get on track and the Titans will clobber the Texans.

Jess: Tennessee. Poor Kubiak will lose another close one.


San Diego@New York Jets

Nolie: As much as it hurts, the Chargers will win on the road. After the short week, Jets run out of gas.

Jess: San Diego. The Jets are the opposite of productive right now and San Diego will take advantage.


Chicago@Tampa Bay

Nolie: Tampa Bay will win at home when Jay gets knocked out of the game.

Jess: Tampa Bay . . . because I dislike Jay Cutler.


Kansas City@Oakland

Nolie: Oakland without Palmer will still handle the hapless Chiefs.

Jess: Kansas City. The wheels fall of the Raiders' bus this week causing a full scale panic in Oakland. Seriously, they gave up WHAT for Carson Palmer?!



Nolie: My least favorite player in the league Mr. Ben of the Steelers, will have no problem beating the Cardinals in the desert.

Jess: Pittsburgh. Not even Ken Whisenhunts facial scruff can save the Cardinals in this one.


St. Louis@Dallas

Nolie: My upset of the week. B. Lloyd and the Rams will thump those chokers in Dallas.

Jess: Dallas. Brandon Lloyd didn't help us win many games while he was with the Broncos (5 wins) and I doubt he'll be the difference maker St. Louis is hoping he will be.


Green Bay@Minnesota

Nolie: Ponder picked the wrong team to play for his baptism; the Packers will remain undefeated.

Jess: Green Bay. Would you pick against Green Bay in this one?  Ponder gets eaten alive and McNabb will eat a hot dog on the sideline.


Indianapolis@New Orleans

Nolie: Another blow-out in Indy. The Colts remain winless, and Brees goes for 500 Yds.

Jess: New Orleans. Why? Come on... You've seen Indy play this year.  They're the opposite of watchable. 



Nolie: This could be closer than predicted but the Ravens will win on the road.

Jess: Baltimore. Jacksonville waltzes into a buzzsaw this week.