Tebow and the Game Plan

For almost the entire game, I kept begging for them to put Orton back in. This clearly was not the "same offense" that Orton ran. This was a run heavy, run always, run all the time offense that included no passing attack. What is the point of installing a plan for a new quarterback, if you don't plan to pass? All week we heard about running the same offense that Orton ran. This clearly wasn't true. With the game at 0-6, it was well within reach, and I was praying for Orton to go back in and light it up. Then came the last three minutes of the fourth quarter.

I wish and pray for success for anyone who is leading the Denver Broncos. I don't care who it is. The play calling was mind bogglingly inept for three and a half quarters. It reminded me of John Elway under Dan Reeves. Just run, run, run. The last few minutes of the fourth quarter, we finally let Elway do his thing (pass) and win the game. It was a horrible waste of talent. If Elway could have actually passed in the first three quarters, imagine what his statistics would look like at the end of his career? He'd have more passing yards than anyone.

John Fox and the coaching staff are repeating history, albeit unknowingly. Dialing back the passing attack in a winnable game was idiotic and infuriating. If it wasn't for a tremendous effort in the last few minutes, a lucky on sides kickoff recovery, a miracle strip sack in overtime, we'd still have one single win. Just terrible game planning.

A lot of coincidences and miracles had to happen for us to win this game. But we can't play like this and expect to win. The NFL is a passing league now. John Fox and Elway need to realize this. You aren't going to win any games just running the ball on every down. You have to take shots down field and push the defense back off the line.

I hope that this was just an attempt to ease Tebow into the starting role, and that from now on, we are going to start to play like we used to. The offense this year has been pathetic compared to what it was under Josh McDaniels. The defense has stepped it up considerably, the offense needs to do their part. Sure, McGahee has three 100 yard rushing games. Who cares? We haven't been winning. You can't run just to run. You have to run with a purpose. Either to close out games, or to setup a better passing game. We are doing neither.

When Tebow was finally unleashed at the end of the fourth quarter, I was ecstatic. It wasn't pretty. It wasn't perfect. But, it was.

We actually moved the ball and eventually scored. It became very fun to watch! I was excited. All our freiends were cheering and chanting. But we need to do that from the beginning of the game. Not with 3 minutes left.

The miracle catch by Fells and Thomas. The strip sack. The on sides kick. All miraculous plays. That won't happen often. We can not depend on miracles. We have to go out and win games. John Fox and McCoy need to be way more aggressive on offense and put together more advanced game plans. Kindergarten offensive plans aren't going to work against the AFC West, New England, and the rest of our schedule. It's going to be a long road if we stick to the run first, run always, run all the time game plan. And let Tebow loose in the last few minutes to try and pull out a miracle win. That's not going to happen every week!

I hope next weeks game plan involves more pass plays and letting the quarterback play quarterback.

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