A different perspective on the game today

What a great victory.  I'm thrilled that Denver was able to pull it out in overtime, from what I heard we looked like crap for three and a half quarters but some Mile High Magic occurred...more after the jump.

A little about myself, since most of you don't know me and I'm not as regular a poster as I'd like to be - I am constantly on here reading, but never have the time to post.  I am from Colorado, born and raised, but live up in Raider territory.  In other words, I'm somewhat a marked man (lol).  I am a diehard  Broncos fan, and go to the game nearly every year in Oakland wearing at least a Rod Smith, Shannon Sharpe, Terrell Davis, or Champ jersey (sometimes all four, depending on how badly I want to piss their fans off).

I have been in Colorado for the last ten days, up hunting with my dad.  About the only chance I get now to see the family, it's the best thing in the world to escape the madness of CA and enjoy human beings.  For those that care, yes, we did get an elk this year.  Big son of a *****, took us forever to get her down the mountain.

After I got back down to Denver, I decided that I wanted to buy a new was time.  I decided this year to buy a really nice, expensive one - most of mine are the cheap ones but at least I represent.  SO, I figured I'd purchase one for around 125 bucks, so that I could wear it into Oakland as I walk past the crack, that area where the criminals congregate.  (sidenote - if I don't post within 3 months, call Oakland PD and tell em I may be buried next to Al on the field LOL)

I went to the store, and looked around.  I was in heaven.  Champ, Atwater, Floyd Little, Karl Mecklenburg, Elway, Dawkins.......and many more.  (sidenote part 2 - I'd love to get my hands on an old Jerry Rice practice jersey, if anyone out there is selling one).  Started me thinking back to the days of Gradishar, Steve Foley, Rulon Jones, Barney Chavous, Riley Odoms, Morton, Haven Moses, etc......and then the 80's, with the three amigos, Sammy's Mississippi mud dance, on into the 90's and the Mile High Salutes.

What the heck was I going to choose?  I wanted to buy ALL of the legends jersey's, because they can't be found out here in the Bay.  I wanted to let people out here know when I went to the game WHAT kind of fan I am without even asking!  I wanted to show that I had been a fan forever, and that no matter what I would stand my ground and support my team.  Most of the team, when the Raiders fans realize you're not just there to talk smack, they aren't too bad.  It's only the 7-8 drunks every other row at the end of the game who want to fight.

I settled on a new jersey - Tim Tebow.  An unproven, highly criticized second year player with "potential" and bad throwing motion.

Why would I ever consider doing this, with all the history?  Why would I want people to potentially think I'm only a Tebow fan because he was so good in college?  I didn't want to be a bandwagon jumper in anyone's eyes.  But there is just something about this young man's attitude and desire to play the game that reminds me of EVERY GREAT PLAYER I have witnessed.

I missed the game today.  I flew out of Denver to Los Angeles, and had a layover for about 30 minutes on my way back to Oakland.  I didn't get to see how badly he played for three quarters, I didn't get to see the playcalling, I didn't get to see the comeback, or the injuries that continue to plague us.  As I took off RIGHT BEFORE the start of the game, I didn't get to check the score until we landed in LA.  I'm wearing my brand new Tebow jersey, and I've got people staring at it all day. Every one of them was wondering the same thing I was - how was he doing?

We land, and I check the score - Oh, crap.  Not only am I depressed that it's 12-0 (to an 0-6 team), I have Tebow in one of my fantasy leagues and started him over Schaub.  Ouch.  2 yds passing?  I'm in disbelief.  Feeling a bit embarassed to walk around in this jersey today.....

Then a funny thing happened.  I landed in Oakland, walked off the plane, and pulled out the blackberry.   Anyone traveling to Oakland in a Broncos jersey is a target anyways, so as I duck and dive for cover on my way to the baggage claim where I actually have phone service and......what the're KIDDING ME!!!!!!  TEBOW!!!!  I start jumping up and down, clapping high fives with a guy from Denver that was on the plane, and wondering what the hell happened.  People around me thought I was nuts.  I got outside, and everyone was congratulating me.  I was on cloud 9.  Tired as I was from a week of hunting and travel and getting up at 3 am California time every day, I felt like I had drank about 15 red bulls or 5 hr energy drinks.  I was EUPHORIC.

The point of this whole post is this - without seeing ONE second of the game, I had faith in my team - and they pulled it out.  Tebow is what we thought he was - rough - but he FINDS a way to win.  Elway FOUND a way to win.  The great Michael Jordan made his teammates better....Tebow does the same for us.  You can FEEL it.

These diamonds in the rough come only once in a while.  You can't help but criticize him, but he finds a way and he inspires and he is a true role model in our community and for our team.  This is our starting QB.  We don't want Luck, as special as he is.  We want to build our team around this young LEADER and let him WILL us to victory.  If Trent fricking Dilfer can do it, there's no way Tebow fails.  Buld around him, and he will win us a championship.  It will be a roller coaster of a ride, and there will be ups and downs, but I believe.  Without even seeing the game.

I have, and always will, support my QB, my team, my coaches.  I am in no way a fairweather fan.  I supported Orton when he was playing, but we made the right call.

What I experienced today was the widest range of emotions since Elway beat the Colts in 1983 after being down 19-0 going into the 4th quarter.  From the Super Blowouts to Rod's catch against Atlanta, to "This one's for John".....I am PROUD to be a Broncos fan.

And it was great walking through that airport today - even Oakland fans were congratulating me on our win.  What a wise investment, both for the Broncos and from me.  No more bickering.  Let's rally together behind our team, and our new leader.

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