Broncos vs. Dolphins: The No Bull Review

Hmm...loved the last 10% of the game.  Was very frustrated with the rest of it.  That will show in my review.  I still like being in a game at the end though.  I like the team never giving up.  We would have lost in a shut-out last year because of poor defense, lack of want on the offense, etc.



  • Tebow was awful.  Let me get this out of the way and troll me all you want down below...but this is my no Bull review, and I'm calling it like I see it.  His throws were just atrocious and if he can't fix it, he should not be our QB of the future period.  And by fix it, I mean this season...some serious improvements.  His overthrow of Knowshon in the flat about 10 yards away or less...the deep pass to Decker who was WIDE open...consistent overthrows out of bounds not even giving his WRs a chance to make a play.  It was awful.  Yes he stepped it up in the last 5 min of the game, but this was Miami people...if we play a real and solid team we would have been down by 30+ and had no chance whatsoever without points from the offense.  Also, he just sucks at how long it takes him to make reads and make a decision.  You have to recognize what the defense is doing and know where to go with the ball and you have to do it fast or you are a liability to the team.
  • Props to Tebow's late game play.  He was magic for sure - and his passes late looked SOOOO good.  He needs to translate that into the rest of the game and be more confident about making pass plays.
  • Fells catch down the middle late was cash money...that TE earned his keep this game.
  • McGahee was stomping early.  I was very bummed to see him out with a hand injury. 
  • What is up with our O-line pass blocking?  Just because Tebow is back there doesn't mean the first 3 seconds changes...he was dropping back and getting harassed way too early way too much.  They need to work on giving him some more time to make his reads.


  • These guys won us the game.  Not Tebow.  Don't think for a second any other way.  Our ST were costing us points, or offense sucked.  Our defense won this game by keeping it close against all odds.  They were on the field for way too long and Miami was getting used to us.
  • Willhite needs to be fired.  That kid can NOT play CB.  He was just destroyed this game by Matt friggin Moore.  Unacceptable to me in all regards.  I think they put Harris in for him late (someone correct me if I'm wrong) who showed us how you play CB...covering your guy and getting in his grill when the ball gets there.
  • Dawkins put this defense on his back and carried them with his play and his emotion.  Big plays all game long...pressure on the QB.  Big hits.  We love you Dawk!  Thanks for coming to Bronco Country!
  • Bailey is Bailey.  He is a rock on our defense and did great shutting down targets all game long.
  • Our D-line needs some serious appreciation...getting sacks, pressures, the winning TO...they didn't own the whole game, but they showed up in big situations and had timely great play to make difficult situations for the phins.

Special Teams:

  • Prater...glad you hit it when it counted, but the 2 early misses were bad news...I can stomach one, but 2?  Cmon man!


  • Defensive play calling was great all game long.  Love having Allen here.
  • Offensive play calling is hard to judge because we weren't executing the plays.  Here's my arm-chair coach input though:  Where are the bootlegs with the QB?  It makes sooo much sense with a QB like Tebow...roll him out and give him 2 reads with and outlet in front of him.  Post deep, crossing route, RB or FB in the flat.  Something good will happen more often than not.

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