Okay, so we all know Mike Klis from the Denver Post would just  love to be KO's best buddy, but c'mon Klis, enough with the prevent defense stuff regarding yesterday's comeback win, okay?

It WAS NOT A PREVENT DEFENSE. Even the ESPN analysts had to admit that this morning. It was a FOUR MAN RUSH with fifth "SPY". That's five guys with one goal - get Tebow tot he ground.

Brian Dawkins was absoltuly right in his post game comments. Tebow was second guessing all game long. He was absolutly in his own head and you could see it. His forte is the long ball, and hew was so jacked up he couldn't his those.

But then, when the game was on the line, we spread em' out and Tebow got out of his own way, just like Dawk said. And just like Dawk said, if he'll just trust himself he'll be special. Yeah, there'll be some growning pains, but he's got to trust himself.

By the way, anyone else think he looked good all game long coming out under center. No bobbles.

As much as I can't stand the guy, Merrill Hoge is right on the fact that Tebow needs to improve. But where he's flat wrong is when he says Tebow won't improve. Many of these pundits want everyone else to believe that Tebow is all that he's ever going to be. That's just plain stupid. 

Steve Young commented last week on how many QB's in the history of the NFl have had to improve their accuracy, timing, anticipation - including himself. It can be done contraray to what Hoge says.

Tebow is not a finished product - not by a loooooong ways. I only hope the Broncos don't do something foolish by not realizing that they are the one's currently holding the lighting in a bottle and instead let someone else ultimately harness it. That would be a mistake. A big, big mistake. As unpolished as Tebow is, players like this do not come along very often.

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