Can We? Yes We can!

                                                                   To Broncos and Texans

                                                                 From someone who watches

  Its funny. When Shanny was canned, and McD brought in, I was one of the most vocal against the move. The problems that erupted seemed to prove me right, but then we started 6-0 and I seemed to be all wrong. I'm not sure what really broke my 'Bronco Spirit' but I think it was when Peyton Hillis was sent off as if he was not an important Bronco.  As most of you know....I just quit at that time...and quit posting...period.

     I actually for a brief period of time started looking for another team to follow. I could never stop loving my Broncos, but I'd been a fan since the very early 60's and knew what it is like to look for another team to keep my 'cheers' up.

     I started with Chicago because Jay was with us when he found out he was diabetic...and began the 'whatever he needed to do.'  But the team I really wanted to do well was because their coach goes back all the way to Elway's rookie season. I don't know how many of you are familiar with Gary Kubiak as a player but he was the best. He was drafted the same year that we ended up with Elway because of a trade. He filled in a couple of times when Elway was mending...and won some of them.  Nothing special,  but believe me, you could see he was smart.  Anyway, since the hated McD seasons I drifted over to the Kubiak team and became friends with many. Never forget I am a Bronco fan.....period !!!!!!!!!!!   But this year I think the Texans have a team that can go to the Super Bowl. And it would do me good to have a life-long Bronco take a team to the Super Bowl as a coach.

                                                       Anyway...Here is what I say to the Texans

   Well !! Its about time! I've been telling you how good your team is and your team finally proved it. Just imagine how good your team will be when you get your top receiver back. I can't seem to remember his name...your Foster guy has totally (desired he was a Bronco) my brain to mush.  With Indy out of the picture you guys are going to the play-offs, Period! Nuff Said.

                                                                     And then there's my team...

     I had a good weekend. I got to watch the little train that the experts say can't for 55 minutes and was almost on their side. Then "The Little Train That Could" was turned loose. Man I wish Shanny or Kubiak was our coach. The "Little Train That Could" could really use their advise and wisdom. Mike and/or Gary would in no way try to contain Tebow in a 'pocket'. Why!  Elway only became "The Comeback Kid" because Reeves was so conservative that we were always behind and he was forced to turn Elway loose. If you look at Elways numbers they are mediocre until Shanny comes in and then explode when Kubiak becomes OC. Tebow has to be the kindest man I've ever seen that cannot be put in a cage (pocket) and remain docile. Once in the cage his instincts have no value. I hope Fox wakes up.

                                                                      And back to your team...

     I see no reason for your team to not go to the Super Bowl. I told you at the beginning of the season that that is going to happen. Please don't lose hope.  You don't have to look the best or have the best season to end up in the Super Bowl. From what I've seen you are the team that will do it....and it will be a little easier for you. In Denver we have this strange love we have called, "The Revenge Tour."  We should have gone to the SB the previous year but got knocked out in the first round. The next year we had a let-down and ended up a wild card. We then showed KC, Pitt, and finally Green Bay that we were for real.  The difference with your team is you are not going to have to prove anything. I really believe that from here-on-out you are going to dominate. You are the team I chose to win the Super Bowl this year...and I think this weekend proved me right.   You are the best team to face Green Bay and you are better.

                                                                      and  back to my team.....

       I can't tell you how much I enjoyed watching this "Little Train That Could" named Tebow show what happens when you let loose a man with a huge heart into a 'Sand-Lot' two-minute-warning 'five minutes left' rumble. If we don't come out with a no-huddle spread offense next week (Elway's Favorite)

                                                                          I want Kubiak back.

                                                                                    Period !

                            Kinda looking for a OC Change I guess  ...  sorry for being so obvious.

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