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Broncos Offense - Week 7 Gameballs and Horseshoes


After the 'Miracle in Miami' last Sunday, in which the Denver Broncos made a 15-point comeback in the last 4 minutes against the Miami Dolphins (talk about a good 4-minute Offense) and having the fortitude to finish off their opponent in Overtime, there are Game Balls and Horseshoes to be given. It wasn't all that pretty at times, but the end result will be a lasting memory in the annals of Bronco history. This time, the focus will be on the Offense, but a Special Teams Game Ball will be given as well. I had plenty of input from the staff on this one and so there are 3 Game Balls and 3 Horseshoes. So if you are ready, jump over the Horseshoes and lets get started.

We will start with the Game Ball on special Teams. That is awarded to

Virgil Green for the Play of the Game.

The Broncos had just scored with 2:44 left in the game, making the tally 15-7. If they were to have any shot at winning the game, they had to take their chances with an On Side Kick. Matt Prater bounced a nice kickoff and Miami Wide Receiver Marlon Moore leaped to catch the ball, but he bobbled it and the Broncos' Virgil Green recovered at their 44 with 2:31 left. In a post game interview Moore, gave credit to the Broncos, saying, "They made the play. I didn't. It was just a bang-bang play. I had it, the dude turned the corner, hit me, it came out, they got it."

There is no doubt, that this play was as much the play of the game, as DJ Williams Strip-Sack in Overtime. Without Green's recovery of the On Side Kick, the comeback has no legs and cannot be completed. Yes there were other factors and players that contributed to this win, but this is one of the defining moments that helped put it all together. With that in mind, we turn to the Offense.

Game Ball number two goes to Tight End Daniel Fells.
The 4th year offseason Free Agent pickup has been a sorely needed welcome addition for the Broncos this year. Fells had two catches in Sunday's contest and they both mad an impact. With less than a minute to go in the game and the Broncos trailing 15-7, Tim Tebow threw deep over the middle to a diving Fells, who made a terrific diving catch for 28 yards that put the Broncos at the 3-yard line. Two plays later, Tebow rolled left and threw back to the right to a wide open Fells in the flat. Daniel dove across the goal line to bring the the score 15-13. Denver completed the 2-point conversion to cap the comeback and send the game into Overtime.

Game Ball number three does to Wide Receiver Demaryius Thomas.
It's been a long wait for Bay Bay's return to game action and the Broncos did their best to get last year's #1 draft pick involved in the game. Demaryius was targeted 10 times on Sunday, though not all were catchable. He finished with 3 receptions, including a diving catch in the end zone for a 5-yard Touchdown to get the Broncos on the scoreboard with just under 3 minutes left in the 4th Quarter.

Now for the Horseshoes. One is an Honorable Mention and the other two are for Redemption.

The first Horseshoe goes to Quarterback Tim Tebow.
Tebow had a miserable game going up until the last 5 or 6 minutes of the 4th Quarter.
Then came the rally.

Tebow mustered his teammates and the Bronco Offense awoke with two Touchdown passes in the final 3 minutes of the 4th quarter, forcing the game into overtime. After the Touchdown to Daniel Fells, the Broncos still required a 2-point conversion to keep the magic alive. The entire Broncos Country knew what was coming next. The Broncos went with an empty backfield from the shotgun and spread their receivers. That left six Miami defenders on the line of scrimmage against six Denver blockers. Easy pickings. At the snap, Left Guard Zane Beadles pulled over to the right side to seal the way on, but Tebow didn't need the block. He ran up the middle to score standing up and complete the comeback, sending the game into Overtime.

The second Horseshoe goes to Kicker Matt Prater.
Prater missed Field-Goal attempts of 49 and 43 yards in regulation, but he redeemed himself by kicking a 52-yarder at the 7:24 mark in overtime that gave the Broncos their second win of the season, stunning the Dolphins in the process. Three of his four Kickoffs went for Touchbacks. The 4th was part of the redemption. A successful On side Kick enabled the Broncos to have a shot at tying the game with less than a minute to go in the 4th Quarter. That is why Matt Prater gets a Horseshoe.

The last Horseshoe of the game goes to Running Back Willis McGahee.

Willis has been the Broncos workhorse and a welcome Free Agent addition in Denver this year. He leads the team in rushing and led them again on Sunday with 18 carries for 76 yards before he injured his right hand. He also fumbled in the 2nd Quarter and that turned into a Miami Field Goal. With 10:52 left in the 3rd Quarter, McGahee ran off left tackle and was injured. Otherwise he was well on his way to another 100-yard rushing day. McGahee had 7 carries of 5 or more yards, four of 8 or more and two 12 yard runs against the Dolphins and while many will say the play-calling was conservative, it's been a long time without Denver Running Backs getting 5 yard chunks on the ground. That can only help our young Quarterback. Heal quick McGahee.

That's it for Week 7. This week it's back Home for a Lion taming challenge.

Go Broncos!