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Tebowing: The Trend That Is Sweeping The Nation


Most of us have heard of planking. It is where you lay on your stomach in random places and tweet it. After the Broncos win on Sunday, a new online trend is sweeping the nation.


Tebowing is the act of going down on a knee and praying but not in church - instead we have it on rooftops, roads, bars, hospitals, houses and anywhere else people want to be creative Not all of Tebows fans are absolute Christians like Tim Tebow but the act of fanhood is incredible to watch.

We do not know for sure yet what we are going to get out of number fifteen but so far the ride has been fun. Tebowing has been growing with people taking pictures of themselves in random locations praying on one knee. I particularly loved the Abby Road Tebowing one but they are all very creative.

Have you been Tebowing? Send us your Tebowing pictures and we will post them on this page. I love moments like this for a team because as rough shape as the Broncos are in right now, things like this bring a fan base together and that is why we all come to MHR.

Send your Tebowing pictures to

                          From Robert Dorband                                                        From Travis Ewart

    Michael Thomas

4_medium 5_medium
                          Jason Pinto                                                                  Tommy Basile

Keep em coming!