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Questions People Should Be Asking About Tim Tebow

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Two actually.

Opinions are everywhere about Tim Tebow. Opinions. Everyone (myself included) has been telling others why they think Tim Tebow can or cannot be an NFL quarterback. The thing about opinions is that everyone has their own perspective, their own agenda, or their own narrow set of data to assemble to back up their own opinion/perspective.

That's fine by me. As a blogger, I love opinions. Mile High Report is built on opinions. I can think of only two staffers past or present that did not start off in the FanPost section, toiling away out of pure love for the Denver Broncos. Our backgrounds may vary as much as our opinions, but in the end we come to this great community of Bronco fans to share our opinions and discuss our team.

Opinions matter for sure, but so do questions.

The answers I seek to these questions will be based on your opinions obviously - how else can we figure things out that have no definitive answer this early in Tebow's career? Okay, enough rambling around. Let's get to the questions:

  1. Can what Tebow HAS right now be taught?
  2. Can what Tebow LACKS right now be taught?

For me, the answer to the first question is a resounding NO. Very few quarterbacks can sense pressure in the pocket, create plays with his legs and grab momentum by the throat when the game is on the line. This is why I love John Elway for 16 years. He had what could not be taught.

However, Elway also had a handle on the second question. He was a complete player. Tebow, in my opinion, is currently an incomplete player. The good news is that what Tebow lacks right now can be taught with good coaching, practice reps and game experience. He is by no means a savior and will not become a complete player for many, many years. I would guess closer to four or five, maybe less if he is able to keep starting.

If he can win enough games now, he can earn himself a long term commitment from John Elway and that is what he needs more than anything else. It is what we need more than anything else. Why? Because we finally have a quarterback that has what Elway had that can't be taught. Broncos fans need that magic. We've missed it dearly. The goal now should be to teach Tebow what he needs to learn in order to become a great quarterback.

I think we have in Tebow what can't be taught and we just have to hope the Broncos brass will find a way to teach Tebow what can be taught. I'm already a believer, but the only opinions that really matter are the one's running the show in Dove Valley.

If you answered "No, Yes" in the poll below, then your most important task - and its a doozy - is patience. I want Tebow to be great very badly, but I fear I'm going to have to suck it up and suffer a bit for him to get all the reps and experience he needs to figure it out. Until then, I'll try to enjoy the wild ride as much as possible!


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