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Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - 10/31/11

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Broncos vs. Lions: BTV Highlights |
Field level highlights and broadcast audio from the team's 45-10 loss to Detroit.

Opponent: Tebow experiment is 'embarrassing' - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
"Can you believe ’15’?" one Detroit Lions defender asked after his team’s 45-10 immolation of Tebow and the Denver Broncos. "Come on – that’s embarrassing. I mean, it’s a joke. We knew all week that if we brought any kind of defensive pressure, he couldn’t do anything. In the second half it got boring out there. We were like, ‘Come on – that’s your quarterback? Seriously?’ " news: Broncos' Fox leaves Tebow's status as starting QB in doubt
As much as this might pain you, it sure sounds like Broncos coach John Fox could be giving some serious consideration to pulling the plug on Tebow Time. In the wake of the Broncos' 45-10 home loss to the Lions on Sunday, Fox hardly gave quarterback Tim Tebow a ringing endorsement when asked who would start next week against the Raiders.

Detroit Lions dominate Denver Broncos 45-10 as QB Tim Tebow struggles - The Denver Post
Maybe, its not the worst thing that Tim Tebow endured such a humiliating afternoon. Even if the Broncos quarterback and national celebrity has been genuinely humble through the glorification he never sought, and strong amid the criticism he stiff-arms, there were signs TebowMania was spreading perilously out of control. For all the fun and yucks associated with the "Tebowing" prayer pose last week, wasnt there some concern the tribute was also tempting fate?

Lions' "force Tebow to pass" strategy works perfectly - The Denver Post
It just may be a sign of the times for the Broncos, but they kept the Detroit Lions best defensive player from showing up on the highlight reels, yet saw their offensive playbook turned into confetti by the Lions defense.

Lions’ Game Plan: ‘Make Tebow Be a Quarterback’ |
The Lions’ defensive game plan Sunday was simple, yet devastatingly effective: to force quarterback Tim Tebow to win the game with his left arm rather than his legs.

Denver Broncos News

Broncos vs. Lions: Sounds |
Hear the players' reactions from the locker room following Denver's Week 8 loss to Detroit.

Broncos vs. Lions: Tebow |
QB Tim Tebow talks about Denver's loss to Detroit.

Broncos vs. Lions: Fox |
Head Coach John Fox talks about Denver's loss to Detroit.

NFL Game Center: Detroit Lions at Denver Broncos - 2011 Week 8
Tim Tebow wasn't on one knee in prayer this time. He was on the ground in misery. The Detroit Lions (6-2) sacked Tebow seven times and turned his two turnovers into touchdowns as they snapped a two-game skid with a 45-10 victory over the Denver Broncos.

NFL Videos: GameDay: Trick or treat
Tim Tebow starting under center in Denver, the improving defensive unit of the Eagles, or the 49ers moving to a 6-1 record; what was a "trick or treat" on Sunday?

NFL Videos: GameDay: Lions vs. Broncos highlights
Matthew Stafford and the Lions were too much for Tim Tebow and the Broncos in a 45-10 Lions win.

Lions vs. Broncos - Recap - October 30, 2011 - NFL - Football -
Tim Tebow wasn't on one knee in prayer this time. He was on the ground in misery. The Detroit Lions (6-2) sacked Tebow seven times and turned his two turnovers into touchdowns as they snapped a two-game skid with a 45-10 victory over the Denver Broncos.

Broncos' abysmal performance exposes holes in team - The Denver Post
Many of the most staunch of the Broncos season-ticket holders, the orange-and-blue die-hards, remained in their seats until the final minute of Sundays 45-10 loss to the Lions, their arms folded and their faces scowling.

Denver Broncos' injury report looks painful after being blown out by Detroit Lions - The Denver Post
The Broncos' 45-10 loss Sunday to Detroit was costly in terms of injuries. Two Denver starters left the game and didn't return: safety Quinton Carter (concussion) and offensive tackle Orlando Franklin (groin).

Paige: Broncos' Day of Living Dread not worth a sequel - The Denver Post
Tim Tebows last move as he headed off from the Broncos locker room was to toss his playbook for Sundays game at a large trunk.

Krieger: Lions dominate Broncos by making Tebow "be a quarterback" - The Denver Post
Maybe Josh McDaniels got the last laugh after all, leaving the Broncos with an awesomely popular quarterback who cant throw the ball with the consistency required in the NFL.

Kiszla: Broncos need new meaning for Tim Tebowing - The Denver Post
So maybe we need a new definition for Tebowing. Its a prayer for mercy. Please, in the name of heaven, bring us somebody who can actually play quarterback.

Lions' defense sacks Tebow seven times - The Denver Post
Sure, the Detroit Lions threw everything they had Sunday at the Broncos Tim Tebow except a 12-man defense, not that they needed any extra players to overwhelm the second-year quarterback.

Denver Broncos Blogs

Lions Defeat Broncos 45-10 |
After a score on their opening drive, the Broncos had no answer for the Lions en route to a Week 8 loss.

Broncos vs. Lions: Notebook |
Brian Dawkins on the loss; the team talks where to go from here; teammates and opponents respect Tim Tebow; success via the ground game.

Offense Struggles in Loss |
The Broncos found it difficult to move the ball in the team's 45-10 loss to Detroit.

Lions 45, Broncos 10: Three Observations |
"People are probably going to be more patient with him (Tebow) than any other quarterback but everybody in this locker room knows you’ve got to win games," cornerback Champ Bailey said.

Notes: Scheffler Scores in His Return |
With Halloween approaching, it was somehow appropriate that the ghosts of recent Broncos seasons continue to haunt — and taunt — the Broncos.

Lions 45, Broncos 10: By the Numbers |
Number of losses by 30 or more points the Broncos have suffered at any venue since 2007, tied with the Lions, Chiefs and Rams for the most in the league in that period. It previously took them 27 regular seasons — from 1980-2006 — to have the same number of regular-season defeats of that magnitude.

Lions 45, Broncos 10: Your Thoughts in Six Words or Less |
It hasn’t taken long to notice that people have more to say after bad losses than thrilling wins. The reaction on Twitter the last two Sundays is evidence of that.

Lions linebacker meant no disrespect by Tebowing | National Football Post
Stephen Tulloch was one of at least two Detroit Lions players to give "Tebowing" a try on Sunday when their team routed the Denver Broncos 45-10 at Invesco Field.

Time for Elway to think post-Tebow - AFC West Blog - ESPN
It is not John Elway’s fault the Tim Tebow experiment is failing, but it will be on his hands if he doesn’t find a solution. It is clear the Denver Broncos' quarterback of the future is not on the current roster. It must be Elway's primary job to start making plans to fix the problem in Denver.

Titus Young makes himself at home amongst Broncos fans - NFL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Some kind of catastrophic breakdown in coverage led to this first quarter touchdown by Detroit Lions wide receiver Titus Young(notes). The closest people to Young wearing Denver Broncos orange are fans. So Young decided to join them.

Video: Woody Paige and Mark Kiszla talk about the Broncos’ blowout loss to Lions | First-and-Orange
Denver Post columnists Woody Paige and Mark Kiszla with post-game commentary on Tim Tebow and the Broncos’ disastrous encounter with the Detroit Lions, a 45-10 shellacking.

Broncos emergency No. 3 QB: WildHorse Knowshon Moreno | First-and-Orange
With Brady Quinn not activated for the game today against the Detroit Lions, the Broncos are taking some risk by only dressing two quarterbacks. For that matter, they’re only dressing two tailbacks.

NFL News Week 8 NFL Game Recaps
"Did you see how bad Tim Tebow was for three-and-a-half quarters? He's terrible! He just got lucky in the end because he was playing the Dolphins. He'll never be good in the NFL!" I'm just generating a random Tim Tebow hate comment that Cris Carter, Keyshawn Johnson and Merril Hoge can use the next time they're on the air.

The Associated Press: NFL Today, Week 8
San Diego (4-2) at Kansas City (3-3), 8:30 p.m. EDT. The Chiefs look for their fourth straight win as they face the AFC West rival Chargers with a chance to tie for the division lead.

Suh gets requested meeting with NFL - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
Detroit Lions safety Ndamukong Suh will meet with the NFL on Tuesday in New York seeking an explanation for why he has been repeatedly fined and penalized by the league.

Colts, Dolphins lead Andrew Luck Sweepstakes –
"To the victor go the spoils" is a cliché that doesn't always necessarily apply to the NFL, at least in regard to getting drafting rights to the next prized college quarterback.

Arian Foster-led win over Tennessee may be biggest in Houston Texans' history - Peter King
What's the biggest win in the 10 seasons of the Houston Texans?

Draft Tendencies | DRAFTMETRICS
DRAFTMETRICS recently took a look at the issue of whether NFL teams display any recurring tendencies in their NFL Draft selections. Three specific areas were examine.

Denver Broncos Fans

How to fix: The Offensive Line - Mile High Report
The Denver Broncos have plenty of need spots on both sides of the ball and the one that concerns me more is our offensive line. This unit looked crappy last season and had an awful season opener this year against the Raiders, but I was confident that it would be better and improve game-by-game.

The voice of reason is calling, will you listen? - Mile High Report
Many of us deserve props for sitting through what was another embarassing blowout at home.  For those of you that were with me--bravo! Well it happened...Tim Tebow played a horrific game highlighted by both a fumble and a pick for TD's the other way.

Denial followed by Acceptance - Mile High Report
I've been in denial since that fateful day that had Tebow as a Bronco via 1st round 25th pick (at the expense of three draft picks being traded away).  So allow me to express what my expectations are when I look at the quarterback position.

The Truth. What REALLY Happened. - Mile High Report
As easy it may be to blame Tebow, his mistakes were not the biggest reason we lost today. Take a look at the scoreboard. This Defense just played its worst game hands down. Came out unprepared.

Tim Tebow: History in the making or history repeating itself? - Mile High Report
Denver Broncos have a quarterback who is going through some growing pains. That is not news. The news is how feverishly the media and the fan base is divided on whether Tim Tebow will be an elite quarterback. Many are quick to pronounce their judgements on Tebow.

Denver Broncos vs Lions: Breaking Down The O-Line Film - Mile High Report
I have looked at a lot of NFL film over the past 2 years.  Heck, I broke down high school film for years...back in the day.  One thing I always tried not to do was let the score influence what I was watching on film.  Regardless of the fact that the Broncos lost by 35 points...did the lineman do a good job on each particular play or not.