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Help SB Nation Make Your Favorite Websites Even Better!

The folks at SBNation are asking for your input and we could help a good cause in the process!

The folks that are behind the scenes at SBNation would like to hear your thoughts and opinions on MHR and the user experience.  We always are trying to improve the user experience, navigation and brand integrations and we want to know what you think!

All you responses will be kept confidential, and better yet you won't be asked about Kyle Orton, Tim Tebow or anything else about the Denver Broncos

The best part?  By simply taking part in the survey below, we have the chance to donate $500 to the charity of our choice!  That's right!  The 3 SB Nation sites that has the highest percentage of completed surveys will receive $500 from SB Nation to donate to the charity of our choosing!  No, it won't be used on any billboards, either!

To take the survey, please click here--->

Thanks everyone!!