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Food For Thought: How Much Time Is Enough Time For Tim Tebow

Let's face it. The Denver Broncos quarterback situation is a never-ending 'chicken or the egg' circle, with no clear ending in sight. We can keep going around and around, or we can use our minds a bit to help pass the time.

I have seen many, many fans say they want to see Tim Tebow play so that we can 'find out what we have'. The concept makes complete sense, but when dissected can go several different ways.

How many games is fair to evaluate a 2nd year quarterback that did not have the fortune of having an offseason program to continue his development? We already know that Tebow will not start Week 5, so that leaves 11 games after this weekend.

Don't twist the question, however. I'll hold you to the answer! The Broncos are 1-3 and could be on their way to a top-5 pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. Many have said the Broncos should play Tebow to find out if drafting a QB in the first round is the move to make. How do we know? If we are to FAIRLY evaluate 'what we have' in Tim Tebow, we need to come to an agreement on what FAIR means.

Is it 4 games? Is it 8 games? Were the three games in 2010 enough for you? That answer is different for everyone. If Tebow plays, say, 11 games yet the Broncos continue to make many of the same mistakes they have made and finish the season 4-12, can we say we've seen enough? After the lockout ended any-kind of development this past summer, is that fair?

I want to dig deeper into all this and get into your heads. You want Tebow, I get it, and I agree that judging him on this team cannot be measured purely on winning and losing, but how many games is a FAIR assessment?

Answer the poll, then go deeper in the comments!