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NFL Weekly Picks (Week 4): Bronco2661 and Jeremy Bolander Make Their Picks

     Another week is in the books, and the Readers are continuing to hold off the Staffers in the picking race. The Staffers have improved slightly -- forcing a tie instead of simply losing. Congratulations to the Readers for maintaining their commanding five game lead over the Staffers. You may notice that there are fewer predictions this week. This is due to the fact that we are now entering those weeks in which teams receive a bye. The teams not playing this week are: Baltimore, Dallas, Miami, St. Louis, Washington and Cleveland. Now on to this week's contest:

This week our reader is that MHR member known as Bronco2661. Bronco2661 writes:

I am a displaced Bronco fan stuck halfway between Denver - where I grew up - and Seattle. Since I consider Denver my hometown, I have been a Bronco faithful since the beginning. Now for my picks.

Bronco2661 will be competing with Jeremy Bolander. Jeremy writes:

Jeremy Bolander has the honor of never, not once, not ever, having won a pick 'em contest, or any sort of contest really... Luckily he has his staggeringly good looks to fall back upon, though that will probably be of no help here in week 5 of the NFL season.  Realizing he was in danger of continuing the throttling of the staff by the members in this series, he has decided to call in the big guns...  Enter his two foster-daughters, 7 and 9 respectively, who have a deeply insightful method for picking winners....

And now, onto the picks

  Readers Staffers
Last Week 11-4 11-4
Season to Date 44-16 39-21




New Orleans@Carolina

Bronco2661: Saints: Can't go against 'em.

Jeremy: New Orleans: "Saints have this one. They are serious and cats aren't, even if you put bricks on them."  (Yes, we had a talk about the brick thing...)



Bronco2661: Cincy: They have a ROOKIE QB!!  (Why can't we have TT?)

Jeremy: Jacksonville: "Are bengals the fast ones?"  You mean cheetahs?  "Cheaters never win."



Bronco2661: Titans: Hassleback wants to show Seattle what they gave up for Tarvaris

Jeremy: Steelers:  After a lengthy explanation of what a steeler is, "So do they make skyscrapers?"  Yes, absolutely.  "It'll be a close one.  But skyscrapers are pretty tall."


Kansas City@Indianapolis

Bronco2661: Colts: on a hunch

Jeremy: Kansas City:  "Doesn't the chief ride the pony?"  I don't see why not.



Bronco2661: Cards:  I think they're ready

Jeremy: Minnesota:  "We just learned about Vikings today!  They traveled a long ways in tiny boats, and were explorers and they smelled bad, and...."  5 minutes later  "...and besides, cardinals are tiny."


Seattle@New York Giants

Bronco2661: It's a joke, right?  Giants

Jeremy: Giants:  "The seagulls are just too small.  That's not even fair."



Bronco2661: Bills: because Philly's dream team is REALLY a joke

Jeremy: Buffalo:  "An eagle can't get away from a Buffalo's horns."  They can't?!?  "Have you ever seen buffalo horns?"



Bronco2661: As much as it pains me--Raiders

Jeremy: Houston:  "Bulls have horns, too."  So horns are a pretty big deal, huh?  "A BIG deal!"  To be fair, I described a Raider as a butt pirate.  They decided they couldn't, in good conscience, give a vote of confidence to a butt pirate.


Tampa Bay@San Francisco

Bronco2661: Niners: by a whisker

Jeremy: Tampa Bay:  "Why are pirates attacking goldminers?"  Where do you think pirate gold came from?  "Oh!  Then pirates for sure.  Their weapons are better!"  Do gold miners even have weapons?


New York Jets@New England

Bronco2661: Patriots: Jets a a mess

Jeremy: Jets:  "Jets can't lose"  Why?  "Because they will crash and burn."  Ok.  Wait, what?


Green Bay@Atlanta

Bronco2661: Packers:  Look what they did to us (no, I don,t think we're as good as Atl)

Jeremy: Green Bay:  "They wear cheese on their heads?  Are they crazy?"  Doubtless.  "What?"  Yes.



Bronco2661: Lions go 5-0 (yes, I think they ARE that good)

Jeremy: Detroit:  "A lion against a bear is too close to call.  It will be a tie."  A tie, really?  What if it takes place in the Lion's den?  "Probably the lion then.  It'll still be a tie.  Will you please unpause Shake It Up now?"