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Denver Broncos vs. San Diego Chargers Pep Talk

For the first time in a long time, I'm needing some type of outside source to get me pumped for the Broncos game today. I'm not sure if it's because I feel like the players on the team just don't care anymore, or if I'm really that used to losing (how could we not be at this point?).

Regardless, my mind keeps going back to the movie "Rudy" and all of the inspiration that comes out of that movie. A guy who wanted to be part of a team so badly that he would literally stop at nothing to make it happen. I realize the NFL is a business, but what players on our team would you say bleed blue and orange?

Then, last night I got to see Anthony Robles at our church. Anthony--as you might remember--is the guy who was on the ESPN Top 10 plays for pretty much forever because he won the NCAA National Championship in his weight class for wrestling being born with just one leg.

Robles told us about how he had a chance to go to Denver to train for the London Olympics and wrestle there, but it just wasn't in him to wrestle anymore. He is now into public speaking, and says he wants to do that instead so he can try and inspire people with his story.

I will not divulge into the full details of Anthony's tale, but he endured so much off the mat that the fact he even finished out his college career as a wrestler is incredible in itself. Nobody believed he could even get on the mat and wrestle, let alone be the best in the country--one of the best in the world.

Anthony received only one division one scholarship offer, of course as many of us know from Arizona State. Colleges wouldn't recruit him even after he was a two time undefeated state champion because they didn't believe he could compete at the next level. They basically thought what he did in high school was "cute" but it wouldn't translate.

Obviously, Anthony proved everyone wrong. Despite what everyone has said about him throughout his life, and all the things that people say he can't do, he still managed to become a three-time All American at Arizona State, and as we all saw on ESPN, a national champion his senior year where he defeated the reigning champ.

Anthony would never have gotten anywhere if he didn't have "heart" and if he didn't believe in himself. The moment you give up on yourself, you are hopeless and you won't achieve anything because you won't be putting forth the necessary effort.

This is the mentality I feel like the Denver Broncos have. They are a much better team than they look like out there on the field, but they don't believe in themselves--at least, that's what it looks like to me.

The Broncos have had three losses already this season, one where so many of us on here thought the worst they could possibly be after the first four games was 2-2. Why can't the Broncos win games? Where is the Mile High Magic?

Is it because our uniforms suck? Is it because of the new coaching staff, because I've seen a lot of heart out of the Carolina Panthers this season.

Is it the fans' fault for chanting "Tebow" and not showing any faith in our quarterback, or has he done that to himself?

There are so many questions surrounding this team, most of which many of us do not even want to know the answers if we really think about it.

Truth be told, this is a team that gives up when the going gets tough, and that is a direct reflection of the leadership on the sideline and on the field. I'm looking at you Fox, Orton, Champ, and Woodyard.

When was the last time we saw the Broncos truly play as hard as they could for four quarters?

When was the last time we as fans were okay with losing a game because the 22 starters on the field gave everything they had to try and help us win the game?

Why is it okay that we are okay with losing? Is Andrew Luck so good that we seriously don't want the Broncos to win football games on Sundays?

I don't care if the Broncos don't ever win another game, as long as they bust their balls every single week and make sure us fans know that they care about the name on the chest and the team they represent. It has become so much of a business that it doesn't seem like players take pride in playing for teams, because in the "Not For Long" league, you can't really become attached to the team that you play for.

What I want to see from the Broncos this week against the Chargers is for every player that suits up to come out and play as hard as they can, give everything they've got for 60 minutes. If a player only gets on the field for special teams, I want to see those guys busting their butts to make a tackle or to down the ball inside the 10 yard line.

I want to see an aggressive style of play, because we need to defend out home field. The Chargers' lowest amount of points scored IN DENVER over the last five years is 32.

In our house, really?

We've been embarrassed by the teams in our division the last couple of years, and that has to stop. If we are going to win any games this year, let it be the games we play within the division. Take some pride in these rivalries and get up for this game today, Broncos.

To me, it doesn't matter if you lose as long as you show me that you're willing to bleed for this team. My team.

Our team.

Of course, I wouldn't mind seeing you win either.