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Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - 12/01/11

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Week 13 - Wednesday: Fox |
Head Coach John Fox talks about Von Miller, Minnesota defensive end Jared Allen and preparing for the Vikings.

Denver Broncos Have Found a 'Moneyball' Player in QB Tim Tebow: Fan View - Yahoo! Sports
Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow has been one of the most fascinating stories in the National Football League this season. His success has been surprising and strangely similar to the 2011 baseball movie Moneyball.

Broncos buck the system with Tim Tebow - Washington Times
Eighteen games into his NFL career, Tim Tebow remains a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside … a football helmet.

Dennis Allen has Broncos on the rise - The Washington Post
For the last six seasons, the Denver Broncos’ defensive coordinator job has been the hottest seat in the NFL.

Broncos' Tebow could get lots of air time in Minnesota - The Denver Post
The Broncos have kicked the tires on their passing game here and there since unveiling the option to the NFL world a month ago.

Denver Broncos News

Week 13 - Wednesday: Tebow |
Quarterback Tim Tebow talks to the press after Wednesday's practice. news: Tebow's option offense changes game for players on both sides
What's it like for a receiver to play with Tim Tebow? How about an opposing cornerback to face him? The Panthers' Steve Smith and Redskins' DeAngelo Hall give their takes on the Broncos QB. news: Broncos' Dawkins insists Tebow 'not parading' for attention
His teammates know Tim Tebow will garner the lion's share of the credit, no matter what happens in Denver. Safety Brian Dawkins says it doesn't bother the team because the quarterback isn't the type to seek attention.

NFL Game Center: Denver Broncos at Minnesota Vikings - 2011 Week 13
It is becoming almost expected that Tim Tebow will engineer a fourth-quarter comeback in a Denver Broncos victory. A late rally against the struggling Minnesota Vikings, however, might not be necessary.

Tim Tebow's success with Broncos can be easily explained with stats -
The Cold, Hard Football Facts are not just drinking the Tim Tebow Kool-Aid. We're mixing up big batches, grabbing innocent football fans off the street and pumping tubes of it down their throats -- much like French farmers force-feed geese to fatten the bird's liver and make tasty foie gras.

Tim Tebow, Broncos Should Be North of .500 by Two Games After Week 13 - Yahoo! Sports
The Tim Tebow express struck again this past Sunday, when the second-year Denver Broncos quarterback led his team to a 16-13 overtime victory over the reeling San Diego Chargers (4-7), who're mired in a six-game losing streak.

Power Rankings: Denver defense is what winds up Tebow time - Football
I feel sorry for Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil and Broderick Bunkley and Champ Bailey and all the Denver Broncos defensive players. They're getting Tebow-ed.

Broncos-Vikings Preview - Nov. 30, 2011 - NFL - Game Preview
It is becoming almost expected that Tim Tebow will engineer a fourth-quarter comeback in a Denver Broncos victory. A late rally against the struggling Minnesota Vikings, however, might not be necessary.

Linda Kenney Baden: Tim Tebow, the Fans and the Disbelievers | Huffington Post
Tim Tebow, the new quarterback of the Denver Broncos, has no fear. For the past nine weeks, many in the mainstream sports analyst media have been espousing that Tebow does not have what it takes to be a long-term star pro-football quarterback.

Tebow loves to run, and NFL legend Kilmer right behind him - The Denver Post
Just because Smilin Tim Tebow is careful about how he exhibits pride doesnt mean he cant deliver a forceful stiff-arm to shame.

Broncos' Miller, Royal may miss Vikings game - The Denver Post
The Broncos may have to play the Minnesota Vikings this Sunday without star rookie linebacker Von Miller and No. 2 receiver Eddie Royal.

Former Tebow teammate Harvin could help Vikings prepare for Broncos QB - The Denver Post
Another week, another team trying to crack the code that is Tim Tebow at quarterback in the Broncos option offense.

Broncos' Tebow continues "baby steps" as a passer - The Denver Post
Tim Tebows best trait as a passer has been his ability to take care of the ball. He has thrown just one interception in his six starts — the Lions returned it for a touchdown.

Stories of the Season: Miller Much More Than the ROY |
Pro Football Focus takes a look at Von Miller, who they think is far and away the best rookie in the NFL. In addition, they think it's time to start looking at him as a real contender for Pro Bowl, All-Pro, and possibly Defensive Player of the Year. High praise.

Denver Broncos Blogs

Living His Dream |
There were many who thought an NFL career was a far-fetched dream for rookie safety Rahim Moore. But there were a few who believed in the kid from inner city Los Angeles including a Hall-of-Famer who paid a visit to Moore's home in high school.

Former Bronco McGlockton Passes Away |
Former Broncos, Raiders, Chiefs and Jets defensive lineman Chester McGlockton passed away at age 42.

One for the Thumb: Miller ‘Day-to-Day’ After Surgery |
After four weeks in which the sun shone upon the Broncos in almost every way imaginable, a dark cloud of injury threatens to alter the Broncos’ suddenly bright outlook.

Scenes from a Practice: Nov. 30 |
A collection of snapshots from the Broncos’ first practice of Week 13, one that took place without linebacker Von Miller, running back Willis McGahee and wide receiver Eddie Royal.

McGahee, Miller, Royal Sit Out Practice |
The Broncos’ preparation for the Minnesota Vikings began Wednesday with a nervous sight: no Von Miller, Willis McGahee or Eddie Royal on the field.

Tim Tebow Keeps On Winning: Where Have We Seen This Before? -
With Tim Tebow looking bulletproof after four straight wins as the starter for the Denver Broncos, let's take a look at some recent history to add some context to the debate over his future in Denver.

Tim Tebow and running quarterbacks - Washington Times
In my Thursday column, I write about Tim Tebow, the Broncos’ iconoclastic quarterback. Tebow has the conventionalists in a tizzy because he doesn’t always throw the ball very straight. But he does manage to "get the job done," as his defenders are always reminding us. Indeed, Denver is 5-1 this season when he starts – and as a result, has wormed its way into the AFC West race.

Tim Tebow vs. Jared Allen. Who Will Have The Last Laugh? - Predominantly Orange
Whenever the Broncos get ready to play a new team, they are in some ways at a disadvantage from the outset because of the unorthodox style of offense that they run.

Broncos vs. Vikings: Inside The Villain's Venue - Predominantly Orange
To tackle the ins and outs of the Broncos week 13 opponent, the Minnesota Vikings, I asked Dan Zinski of The Viking Age some questions about the team that he knows better than anyone. The Vikings sit at the bottom of the NFC North, but hope to steal this one away from the Broncos.

Tim Tebow is smashing QB rushing records - BroncoTalk
Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow may be among the least accurate passers in the NFL, but nobody can deny his running ability. The record books reflect that.

Broncos CB Cassius Vaughn to have surgery Friday for broken leg | First-and-Orange
Broncos cornerback/kick returner Cassius Vaughn will have surgery Friday in North Carolina to repair the fracture in his lower left fibula.

NFL News

Step by Step: Review Process for On-Field Rules Violations

Many obstacles remain before NFL returns to Los Angeles -
There will soon be a new owner in Jacksonville who may have his sights on L.A. But a move by the Jaguars or any other team won't be easy, as owners figure to make the relocation fee extremely high.

Ndamukong Suh appeals NFL suspension: Is he dirty or victimized? - The Washington Post
The suspension is without pay and contains no requirement that Suh obtain anger-management counseling after multiple on-the-field incidents and $42,500 in fines in less than two seasons in the league.

Kerry Collins’s Career of Life Lessons Ends With One More -
Newly retired and happily distracted by the chores of his 1,600-acre cattle ranch in North Carolina, Kerry Collins was intrigued when the Indianapolis Colts called in August and asked him to be an insurance policy against the uncertain health of quarterback Peyton Manning.

NFL: Highlighting the Biggest Games of Week 13 | The Hometown Fan
Week 13 of the 2011 NFL season is upon us. Winter is fast approaching and with it comes the playoffs. There are a few teams that have all but locked up their playoff spots, but there are others for whom every game going forward is their playoffs.

Has Andy Reid’s Time Come to an end in Philadelphia? | The Hometown Fan
When teams struggle to win, there’s usually one of two people that get the blame. The first is the most important person on the field, the quarterback, while the second is the most important person off the field, the head coach. Occasionally the GM also gets blamed but that’s usually alongside the head coach. Very rarely are GMs held solely responsible for a team’s struggles unless their name is Matt Millen.

Denver Broncos Fans

Luff Rumblings, the Ill Edition - Mile High Report
As in, I am extremely sick and feel like Phyllis Rivers did after the game. Awful. So there's my built-in excuse; if I sound even more discombobulated and random than usual, it's because I feel like crud and barely remember my own name. But since I can't force myself to sleep any longer, I figured I'd put fingies to keyboard and throw down some thoughts.

Random Rants and Rewards - Mile High Report
Seriously, what's going on with our receivers? These drops are killing us. Week after week there are blatant drops which kills drives. What's going on here? Eddie Royal used to be the most sure handed receiver on the team. Now he drops the ball more than he catches it. And please stop with the "lefty" spin on the ball Mr. Fouts.

Evolution of our run game - Mile High Report
We are on our 5-1 run because the whole team has improved their play. Defense, Offense, S/T (esp. Colquitt). Awesome job to all of our guys and coaching staff!

Youth, Drafting and "the plan" - Mile High Report
As this NFL year gets long in the tooth and since we just passed Thanksgiving, I thought we should look at one of the things we should be thankful for - our youth movement.