Bears vs Broncos: The No Bull Review

Dead to rights...that's what we were. My sincere condolences to the Chicago Bears and their fans. You guys lost in a bad way. Barber should have fallen to a knee in the 4th Q instead of pushing towards the sidelines trying to get yards. He also should have held onto the ball with two arms on that 3rd down run in the 4th quarter. Your coaches were just plain stupid for going to a prevent defense with 5min or so to go in the game. I mean really...why would you NOT trust that defense to stay in their base and stop us?

This team believes. That is the bottom line. And belief is a powerful thing. You fight until the game is over and good things can happen. These last minute comebacks are getting rather old though...can we win by 10 comfortably one of these days please?


  • Okay WR corps...get your @$$es on the jugs machine now. You guys dropped SO many passes that were on the money. No excuses at learn to catch and we would have won in regulation easy.
  • What to say about Tebow? I'm all in. Sign him for another 5 years. Draft a backup QB, but nothing in the first 3 rounds. He is worth the time and effort to develop over the next 2 years. And I don't think for a second that his accuracy won't improve...he is accurate and he's showing great decision making. This kid is the real deal. I will lead the revolt if Elway even tries to trade him.
  • Our O-Line did pretty poorly most of the game. I don't mean to knock them too bad though...Chicago has probably the best front 7 of any team in football to be completely honest.
  • Thomas needs some development too...his lack of concentration on catching is awful and that one pass he had where the announcers showed how he had his hands backwards...they were completely right. You aren't fielding ground balls son...learn to catch! But man he is a beast running with the ball.
  • Kudos to Jeremiah Johnson for his contributions...the kid looked great as a change of pace and caught well out of the backfield.


  • You could make a quick tape of Champ Bailey tackling a RB and use it from Pop-Warner up for "How to tackle". Seriously...he makes it look so easy because he uses proper technique.
  • Woodyard again gets spot duty and shines forcing a fumble. I really like his game. I hope he is a Bronco for a long time.
  • It just isn't fair...they gave Von Miller a friggin club. A FRIGGIN CLUB! That should be outlawed. It is bad enough that he is so quick and agile. Now he gets a bludgeoning instrument to use.
  • Doom looked so good this game. Did anyone else notice they were constantly chip blocking him? He was still fighting through it and getting after the QB. I love me some DOOM!
  • DJ really impressed me today. His sacks were great and he was filling holes very well. He even fought off a block to make a tackle...I saw it with my own eyes or I wouldn't believe it!

Special Teams:

  • Why do we punt to Hester? Their only TD drive was based off a big return. If Carter hadn't played so intelligently on that run back it was going to the house. Seriously? Why do you even punt to him? Punt it out of bounds. I just don't get it.
  • Prater...where to start? Great kicks bro...that 59 yarder would have been good from 70 easy. Also it is worth noting that your onside kick was just SUPERB. Seriously...that was such a good kick giving us a chance to go get it.


  • Loved seeing the passing game being used more early. If our guys would catch the damn ball we would have had some serious points on the board.
  • I didn't like some of the QB draw plays they ran...especially in the 2nd half after the Bears had already proved that they could stop Tebow.
  • I also thought that in the 2nd half we stopped blitzing as much on passing downs and it cost us. Pressure on Hanie worked...why go away from it? The only thing I can think is that Harris was #2 with Bailey...and without Goodman we didn't want to expose Harris to solo coverage. I say to hell with that...the kid is a baller. Let him try.

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