Open letter to our Denver Broncos

To our TEAM,

I want to write this to you guys to thank you. The reasons go beyond having a winning record, being in 1st place, having great position to make the playoffs---though those are great things in and of themselves. I want to thank you because you have us believing again.

Not too long ago, it was hard to be a proud fan---even though many of us still watched and supported our team with the same love and passion as we did through the glory days. Again these reasons go beyond missing the playoffs, a 4-12 season, a coaching change etc. I will be a Bronco and a fan of my team till the day I die, there is no question about that. But not too long ago, even as recently as the beginning of this season, it was hard to watch a Bronco game because it was hard to make sense of what was going on. Why had we fallen so hard in such a short time? Were we destined to become a franchise that descended into the depths of which we had never seen before? It's a hard thing to watch your team look beaten, deflated, and discouraged.

As one looks back with the ability to know the outcome and evaluate it, they can see many moments that helped steer the course toward their present position. There have been many moments that have brought us to where we stand today: TEAM. As fans we know these moments from what we have seen in the games. As players and coaches, you know different moments that are more intimate and apparent to you on a day to day basis. All of these things, every little decision, every action, every word has helped shape you into where you stand now: TEAM.

A TEAM plays unselfishly with their sights set on helping the brother next to them. A TEAM encourages each other in the face of adversity, ineptitude, and even failure. A TEAM never gives up until the time on that clock ticks to zero, and even then, a TEAM is there for each other to celebrate a great victory, or help each other through a tough loss.

TEAM as you have defined it, through all the fantastic clutch plays and "improbable" victories, is the result of believing in each other. It is the result of caring about the people you line up with and the result of great resolve that says "Nothing is Impossible!!!" The Denver Broncos have an identity and it is TEAM.

We are on the right track. It has been a long time since us fans have been able to say honestly and without reservation "Our Broncos are a TEAM!!!" It takes great character at every position to accomplish that. Everyone from the owner, front office, coaches, staff, and players has bought into this thing...And so have we. Thank you for being a TEAM again! Thank you for making us believe! No matter what happens the next three games, this has been one of the greatest seasons in Broncos history, without a doubt. As you move on through the rest of the season, never forget your identity, never forget your motto: We are a TEAM, We BELIEVE!!! We love you guys, continue to make us proud!

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