Real Quotes from a Tebow Hater


One of my high school football teammates, Undisclosed we'll call him, has not yet bought into Tebowmania. In fact, he's told me many times why he "hates Tebow," it's the same reason Bears' linebacker Brian Urlacher cites: "He's a running back playing quarterback."

That statement itself is comical to me, and no reason to "hate" someone in my opinion, but that's not even the point. I just wanted to share some of the comical statements Undisclosed made Monday evening when we were debating about Tebow -- and yes, he is a real person and really made these comments.

"I honestly think that the way the Broncos are playing now you could throw in just about any quarterback who knows something about football and the Broncos would be successful," said Undisclosed. Okay, maybe. I don't think so but we'll just say maybe he's right there, but he goes on:

"When Tebow takes control of a game and doesn't have to make a comeback finish, then I will admit he is an NFL caliber quarterback," added Undisclosed. This literally made me laugh. Comeback wins doesn't qualify you as an NFL quarterback? That statement doesn't even make any sense. Then came this:

"Comebacks won't win championships, Heath, he won't be an NFL caliber quarterback if he can't win championships," oh my. Chew on that statement for a few seconds -- never mind, spit it out immediately!

Needless to say, the statement above started a furious discussion. At the end of the day though, Undisclosed is a good friend and I mean him no disrespect, but it is obvious that his hate has disillusioned his thinking when it comes to Tebow.

He did close by saying, "It probably won't be long, maybe next season that he becomes the complete quarterback...but until he shows me that from the first quarter he is making throws to the last quarter where he runs the football to kill clock I will call him a true 'quarterback,'" to which I replied: "Fair enough."


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