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Tim Tebow Hits The Cover Of Sports Illustrated... Again

The latest Tim Tebow-cover in Sports Illustrated
The latest Tim Tebow-cover in Sports Illustrated

Tim Tebow has to be getting used to being on the cover of Sports Illustrated. For the 8th time - six as a member of the Florida Gators and twice now with the Broncos, Tebow is on the cover. Based on his success, my belief in the SI-cover curse has waned considerably.

Jim Trotter wrote the story for the December 19th issue, with Trotter becoming a convert over the past several weeks. At one point, Trotter called Tebow the worst starting quarterback in the NFL. Now? Last week, Trotter had Tebow at #5.

"Tim Tebow has led the Broncos from 1-4 to the division lead with the craziest, most unlikely eight-week run in NFL history. It's taken clutch playmaking, a newly stout defense and, most of all, unwavering belief."

It is the 21st time a member of the Denver Broncos has graced the cover of SI, and based on the popularity and play of Tebow, it won't be the last!