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Denver Broncos Top Five Defensive Plays vs Bears

In this six game wining streak a large part of the Broncos success has been the rise of their young defense. Quickly becoming one of the best units in the NFL right now, the Broncos have the ability to beat anyone if their defense continues to give the offense a chance to win every week.

A lot of huge defensive plays for the Broncos against the Bears. The one that did not make the cut is the Marion Barber run out of bounds, simply because I think it was more of a boneheaded move by Barber then it was a great defensive play. That being said, that play was huge and without it the Broncos would not have had enough time to tie it up.

5) Von Miller Tackle on Marion Barber for 5 yard loss. This play becomes possible with fantastic penetration by Bunkley. Barber gets away from Bunkley but the Broncos have a never quit attitude and Von Miller gets in there for the stop.

4) DJ Williams sack on Hanie. Hanie had no where to go on this play. Great coverage by the secondary and if it was not DJ that ended up bringing down Hanie, it would have been someone else.

3) Elvis Dumervil sacks Hanie. Again awesome coverage downfield and Dumervil continued to dominate that left tackle and finally got a sack to force the bears into 2nd and very long. Teams are starting to worry about this front seven because every player is capable of getting into the backfield.

2) DJ Williams sack on Hanie - This play was actually kind of funny. DJ Williams got completely unblocked coming up the middle and Hanie you could tell got terrified by the way he put his arm out and just folded. DJ continues to have his best year yet.

1) Wesley Woodyard strips Marion Barber, Dumervil recovers - The Broncos were about to lose this game when it looked like Marion Barber had daylight to at least get close to a touchdown and setting up an easy chip shot for Robbie Gould. However, like all the other games in the previous 5 weeks, the Broncos pulled it out and stripped Barber and recovered which led to a Matt Prater kick for the win.