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Tim Tebow, Mic'd Up: An Instant Classic

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For those of you that were able to watch tonight's NFL Replay, followed by Sound FX, on NFL Network, well you were in for a treat. If you missed it, Sound FX can be seen over at NFL.Com. IF you saw it, or end up watching it, what were YOUR favorite parts?

My favorite part had to be Jeremiah Johnson, screaming like a schoolgirl after the Marion Barber fumble in Overtime. He slapped Tebow on the shoulder pad and screamed,

"I told you Tebow, I told ya!"

Tebow, calm and cool as a cucumber, grabs his helmet and walks onto the field, prepared to crush the playoff hopes of the Bears.

Another thing that impressed me was Tebow's calming influence in the huddle. At one point, during the first half, Tebow comes into the huddle and tells his offense,

"Let's just focus on one first down, find a way to get one first down, we'll get the MO goin."

That was great.

After a hard shot from Brian Urlacher, Tebow is asked by quarterback coach Adam Gase if he is OK. Tebow's answer -

"I'm fine, it didn't phase me at all. I'm fine. He's hurtin' more than I am."

There are plenty of great parts - what were your favorites?