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NFL Weekly Picks (Week 15): BroncoPH and Kirk Davis Make Their Picks

We're quickly moving into crunch time in the NFL. Twelve Teams (AFC - Houston, Baltimore, New England, Denver, Pittsburgh, New York Jets; NFC - Green Bay, San Francisco, New Orleans, New York Giants, Atlanta, Detroit) are in the driver's position for the playoffs. However, ten other teams (five from each conference) are in a position to knock one or more the leaders out of the playoffs. These next three weeks will be interesting and exciting to say the least.

In the same way, our prognostication contest here at Mile High Report is also heating up and becoming exciting. The Staffers have been trailing the Readers virtually the entire season, ranging from one to five games behind the dominant picking of the Readers. However, with three wins and a tie in the last three weeks, the Staffers have not only reduced the Readers lead, but garnered a slight edge in the contest. The next three weeks will be a fun ride.

This week our reader is that MHR member known as BroncoPH. BroncoPH writes:

Looking forward to this week's games. Huge week for Bronco fans.

Hey MHR this is Steve, most of you know me as BroncoPH, and I'll be dominating the picks this week. When not following my passion of learning about and not playing football, I spend my off-hours preparing for the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse by attempting to make weapons out of the combined powers of silverware, the industrial microwave, lawn chairs, and dubstep remixes of Katy Perry. I'm disappointed to report that so far things are looking bleak for humanity. I am especially excited to take part in this pick 'em contest as I suffer from a rare condition known as bulimia that allows me to both see the future and read people's minds... sometimes though I think it might just be indigestion.

BroncoPH will be competing with Kirk Davis. Kirk will be competing for a second time (given the fact that there are more weeks in the NFL season than there are Staffers at Mile High Report). Way back in Week 3, Kirk wrote:

The Kaptain, also known as Kirk Davis, is a small cog in the big wheel that is Mile High Report. A team player committed to bring Camp correspondence, a bit of history and further review with the turn of a phrase. He's not afraid to pull a pun and his greatest asset next to having many quality friends is an extreme sense of humor. A former Union Steamfitter (among other things), was forced into retirement due to the onset of Lupus. He still loves to Golf and Fish, but upon discovering this haven during the Shanahan crisis, has dropped anchor and refuses to leave. To what end that entails to qualify his ability to pick winning Football games remains to be seen, but he did very well in 2010.

Let's take a jump and look at their predictions.

Readers Staffers
Last Week 8-7 13-2
Season to Date 83-44 85-42


BroncoPH: Atl - We get the chance to say this once... and just once. CP3 (Chris Paul) and the Jags have the same problem and that is at this point in their seasons they are more concerned about ending up (or not ending up) in LA than anything else. Tough season for Yo Gabba Gabbert, average season for Matt Ryan. Falcons take this game at home... and draft CP3.

Kirk: Atlanta - MJD will get plenty of work, but the Falcons are too much for the Jags.

Dallas@Tampa Bay

BroncoPH: Dal - This is a must win for Dallas. They've blown enough games this year that I think they put the final nail in the coffin of Raheem Morris and this disaster of a season. The only thing that could save the Bucs are their puke colored uniforms. Cowboys win and keep their playoff hopes alive.

Kirk: Dallas - The Buccaneers have lost their last seven. Make it 8 this week.

Green Bay@Kansas City

BroncoPH: GB - At 13-0 they are one week away from potentially benching some of their starters, but since their depth could all be starters for this sad KC team, I am calling the Packers to win regardless of who plays. Bet the mortgage and earn $15 bucks on this line.

Kirk: Green Bay - The only question here is whether the Chiefs will score at all.

Cincinnati@St. Louis

BroncoPH: Cin - Initially I chose St. Louis to win at home. But that was before Monday night. The Rams lose this game, get their head coach fired, and send Andy Dalton to the pro-bowl. The Rams... what a terrible season. Bengals win... and take the under.

Kirk: Cincinnati - The Bengals eat the Rams. Move along, nothing to see here.


BroncoPH: Ten - I almost picked Indy because Indy has all but locked up the #1 draft pick. There is no longer a need to suck for anything. They are playing for simple pride at this point. That said, they still lose to a Tennessee team that is fighting for their playoff lives. Titans win in a close one. There's still no pride and a lot of suck in Indy. Bring on Jake "The Hurt" Locker!

Kirk: Tennessee - The Titans roll through Indy as the Colts continue to Suck for the 1st pick in the 2012 Draft.

New Orleans@Minnesota

BroncoPH: NO - In my opinion, the Vikings are like the Broncos of last year. They will draft high in 2012 and will most likely significantly better their team for the 2012-2013 season. Brees is chasing the passing record. NO is playing for NFL history, MIN is playing for 2012. Saints win this one easily. Brees might also throw 62 times.

Kirk: New Orleans - Who Dat? Dats a strong Brees dat blows through da Metrodome. Dats who dat is. Let's just hope dat roof don't collapse again.

Washington@New York Giants

BroncoPH: NYG - This is always a great game. There is literally nothing the Redskins excel at. Shanahan has once again built a completely mediocre team that is constantly playing for next year. The Giants are in the thick of a playoff race and take care businesss at home against a poor Redskins team. Not even Sexy Rexy can bring this one back. The Giants are re-writing the Book of Eli this year.

Kirk: NY Giants - The Giants hold an 8-2 edge at the Meadowlands in this rivalry.


BroncoPH: Mia - Buffalo in December? I can't decide what's worse for Miami, playing in the cold or losing their head coach. This game has trap game all over it. Still, I'm taking the Dolphins and their new interim headcoach over the reeling Bills who have just fallen apart. Dolphins win on the road and in the cold... and hate every minute of it.

Kirk: Buffalo - The Bills eke out a win against a Dolphin team lost in the Everglades.


BroncoPH: Hou - Cam Newton was recently quoted as saying something about being a lion on a safari. Nobody has any clue what he is trying to say but Texans do love hunting things on safari. Cam may be waiting for everyone to play at his level, but the Houston Texans are going to tear him apart at home anyway. Texans win. Cam is back on safari.

Kirk: Houston - The Texans are on a roll with 7 straight wins and headed for the playoffs for the first time in the history of the franchise.


BroncoPH: Chi - I've seen enough of Chicago to know their defense is good enough to win games on their own. Seattle will keep this game close, but they won't win at Soldier Field. Caleb Hanie gets a much deserved win before he loses his job. What happened to the Hanie of the playoffs last year? I loved that guy.

Kirk: Chicago - The Bears, still seething over their loss to the Broncos, take out their frustrations on the hapless Seahawks. Don't stand in the way of Julius Peppers and his prey.


BroncoPH: Det - Oakland is getting hit with injury faster than Lindsay Lohan gets hit with drug charges. Oakland has their backs against the wall against a good Detroit team. Megatron has a big game and Suh comes back with a vengeance... and probably takes out Carson Palmer to boot.

Kirk: Detroit - I wouldn't pick the Raiders to beat the Colts this year.

New York Jets@Philadelphia

BroncoPH: Phil - The Eagles are heating up! They are going to make this thing interesting at the very end and help our Broncos out by beating the Jets. Mike Vick has got to start earning his paycheck at some point right? Right?

Kirk: NY Jets - Sexy Rexy's foot fetish makes the Dream Team scream.


BroncoPH: Ari - McCoy v Skelton? Will anyone even watch this game outside of their respective cities? Give me Arizona at home as Colt McCoy continues to tempt his team into picking up yet another QB in the draft. Take the under.

Kirk: Arizona - The Browns may pick up a tan in the desert, but not a win.

Baltimore@San Diego

BroncoPH: Bal - Can't wait for this game. San Diego has found some momentum playing some pretty poor teams and dominating them. Baltimore is anything but poor. T Sizzle gives us some great hits on Philip Rivers and Unibrow leads the Ravens to a win over the Bolts in their own house... which is probably full of more Ravens fans anyway.

Kirk: Baltimore - The Ravens are going to tear up Philip Rivers

Pittsburgh@San Francisco

BroncoPH: Pit - This is going to be sold as a great game between two great defenses. It's a lie. The Niners are a great story this season, but they aren't a great team and they don't have anything offensively to match the Steelers. Plus, after Roethlisberger's leg got blown off last week, expect him to come back as the first bionic QB. Steelers keep rolling.

Kirk: San Francisco - This will be the 2nd best game to watch this week, in my opinion. I choose the home team in a game that could go either way.