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Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - 12/15/11

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NFL Videos: Sound FX: Tim Tebow
Ever wonder what Tim Tebow says to motivate his teammates on the sideline? Here's your chance. Listen to the best out of Tebow in his comeback win over the Bears in Week 14.

NFL Videos: Sound FX: Tim Tebow's comeback
Listen in to Tebow during the second half of the Broncos' exciting victory over the Bears in Week 14.

Broncos quarterback Tebow is the biggest story in the NFL this year - The Washington Post
Have you heard about Tim Tebow? The Denver Broncos quarterback is the biggest story in the National Football League this season. But why all the fuss about a second-year passer who completes fewer than half of his throws?

In Broncos, Tom Brady will be meeting his nemesis - Sports - The Boston Globe
Tom Brady has faced - and beaten - every team in the NFL. And against 30 of those 31 teams, Brady has a winning record. It’s a testament to him, and the consistency of the Patriots in his decade-plus as the team’s starting quarterback.

Debunking the myths of Tim Tebow - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
On a winter day in 2010, Tim Tebow sat alone in a hotel meeting room with Ken Herock, a former NFL general manager who tutors players on how to approach important team meetings at the draft combine.

Opposites attraction: Tim Tebow faces Tom Brady on Sunday - The Denver Post
One is the mold, the other, well, hes trying to break it, with every comeback victory and improbable finish.

Denver Broncos Videos

Week 15 - Wednesday: Fox |
Head Coach John Fox talks about preparing for the Patriots.

Week 15 - Wednesday: Tebow |
Quarterback Tim Tebow talks about Patriots signal caller Tom Brady and getting ready for New England.

Decker Receives Award, Talks Patriots Prep |
USA Football selects Eric Decker to its All-Fundamentals Team.

NFL Videos: No Huddle: Brady vs. Tebow
Tim Tebow's winning streak has been cute, but will he really be able to keep up with Tom Brady? The "No Huddle" crew debates how the two star QBs will perform, and the answers might surprise you.

NFL Videos: Can the Tebows keep up with the Bradys?
The Broncos have an impressive six-game winning streak on the line this weekend, but does Tim Tebow have the passing ability to keep up with the vaunted Patriots attack? Kurt Warner weighs in.

NFL Videos: Everybody loves Tebow
Patriots QB Tom Brady talks Tim Tebow, while Jeff Darlington has your report from Colorado on the upcoming game between the Broncos and Patriots.

NFL Videos: Tebow's favorite stat
What is Tim Tebow's favorite football statistic? Is it rushing yards? How about passing touchdowns? The star QB gives his answer.

Denver Broncos News

NFL Game Center: New England Patriots at Denver Broncos - 2011 Week 15
With every passing week - each containing a victory seemingly more unlikely than the last - Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos continue to silence skeptics and gain new believers under a growing national spotlight. news: Belichick doesn't see mechanical issues in Broncos QB Tebow
Tim Tebow spoke with Boston-area reporters Wednesday, recalling his meeting with the Patriots beforethe 2010 NFL Draft. Also, Bill Belichick provided a unique take on Tebow's throwing motion. news: Before beating Bears, Tebow told Woodyard: 'God has spoken'
The Broncos' stunning run appeared to be in danger Sunday against the Bears, but Denver LB Wesley Woodyard said Tim Tebow heard from a reliable source that everything will turn out fine.

Patriots-Broncos Preview - Dec. 14, 2011 - NFL - Game Preview
With every passing week - each containing a victory seemingly more unlikely than the last - Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos continue to silence skeptics and gain new believers under a growing national spotlight.

Not too long ago, Tim Tebow looked like a bust - Sports - The Boston Globe
You have to flash back. Back before Dwight Howard was Tebowing in public, before Lindsey Vonn was Tebowing on World Cup podiums, before a man with a prosthetic leg decided to Tebow in his kitchen and call it Ampu-Tebowing.

Zipped lips will cost Marion Barber - Chicago Sun-Times
That’s what Bears fans want to know after Barber inexplicably ran out of bounds to stop the clock and give Tim Tebow and the Broncos the chance to complete an improbable rally to beat the Bears 13-10 in overtime Sunday in Denver.

Getting caught up in the Tim Tebow craze - espn
Kneel it out: Tebow has sparked Denver to six straight victories, and incited a "Tebowing" craze.

Tim Tebow and matters of faith - ESPN
Believe. Have faith. Trust. Tim Tebow's religious expressions have also connected with his teammates and fans. Some of them share his Christianity. Some do not.

Will Denver Broncos' Tim Tebow run wild on New England Patriots? - ESPN Boston
There are many who say Tim Tebow will never become an all-time great quarterback in the NFL.

How do Patriots stop Broncos' Tim Tebow? Bill Belichick's game-plan possibilities - ESPN Boston
When the Patriots were preparing for Super Bowl XXXIX against the Philadelphia Eagles, New England coach Bill Belichick had a top defensive priority in mind. The key was keeping athletic, scrambling quarterback Donovan McNabb in the pocket.

Woody's Mailbag: Tim Tebow dropping in on Broncos receivers? - The Denver Post
Denver Post sports columnist Woody Paige answers your questions in Woodys Mailbag. In this installment, Woody tackles six questions, including one wondering why the Broncos receivers have so many dropped passes.

Tom Brady-led New England Patriots need only three quarters to average 22 points - The Denver Post
Broncos coach John Fox said he is not a stats guy. But here's one even Fox can't ignore heading into Sunday's game vs. New England: Tom Brady's Patriots are averaging 22 points per game in the first three quarters, and the Broncos are averaging only nine.

When all looks lost, Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow keeps his cool - The Denver Post
Tim Tebow was wired for sound against the Chicago Bears as part of NFL Films' "Sound Effects." What is most striking is how remarkably calm the Broncos' quarterback was during what has become known as "Tebow Time."

Patriots are 10-3, but their flaws get exposed in the second half of games - The Denver Post
On the surface, Sunday's Broncos-Patriots game at Sports Authority Field at Mile High is a meeting between a team that can't hold a lead and a team that keeps erasing them.

André Goodman's availability Sunday against Patriots is a secondary concern for Broncos - The Denver Post
André Goodman gets challenged a lot because he plays the cornerback position opposite from veteran Pro Bowler Champ Bailey.

Denver Broncos Blogs

Tebow Eager to Face Brady's Patriots |
Tim Tebow has watched Tom Brady play the quarterback position at an elite level for years. Now he's getting ready to play against him.

Von Miller’s Club Isn’t Cast in Stone |
Before Sunday’s game, Von Miller figured he might have to play the rest of this season’s games with a bulbous club cast on his right hand to protect his surgically repaired thumb and keep his healthy fingers from getting caught in opponents’ face masks.

Scenes from a Practice: Dec. 14 |
Although the Broncos practiced Wednesday under brilliant, clear skies in temperatures that soared into the 50s, clouds built on the horizon with the absences of cornerback Andre’ Goodman and safeties Brian Dawkins and David Bruton with injuries.

More solid pass rushers coming at Brady when Patriots face Denver’s Miller, Dumervil - The Washington Post
Week after week, the New England Patriots have kept strong pass rushers away from Tom Brady. Now here come the Denver Broncos. If Von Miller doesn’t get the sack, chances are Elvis Dumervil will.

Three-point stance: Denver Broncos - New England Patriots Blog - ESPN Boston
New England is 3-6 against Denver in the Bill Belichick era, including losses in their last three trips to Denver. The last time the Patriots beat the Broncos was a Week 9 Monday night win in 2003.

Belichick talks about Broncos’ offense, defense and the Tebow-factor | Fan IQ
Bill Belichick, the head coach of the New England Patriots understands that the Denver Broncos is a team that should not be under estimated.

Week 15 N.F.L. Game Probabilities: Explaining Tebow -
How are the Broncos 7-1 behind starting quarterback Tim Tebow? If I plug the Broncos’ offensive efficiency stats since Tebow took the reins into the game prediction model, they come out as the 19th-best team and would be expected to have just a .480 winning percentage.

Flutie is a Tebow fan | ProFootballTalk
One of the most unconventional quarterbacks in NFL history has plenty of fans. One of those fans is another well-known, unconventional NFL quarterback.

Getting Tebow To The Pro Bowl And Tower Of Tebow - Predominantly Orange
People are trying to send Tim Tebow to Hawaii if his presence isn’t required in Indianapolis first. Tebow moved into 3rd place in voting for Pro Bowl AFC quarterbacks today surpassing Ryan Fitzpatrick.

I Can't Believe What I Just Saw - Mile High Sports
It’s been just three days since the Denver Broncos pulled out another Mile High miracle, and Sunday’s 13-10 win may have been the most unlikely of the Broncos’ six comeback wins since Tim Tebow took over as quarterback just two months ago.

Tim Tebow: The Case Against America’s Favorite Player | The Hometown Fan
Another week in the NFL, and another comeback win by Tim Tebow. With every win, the controversial quarterback gains more supporters. However, I am not one of them.

Watch full Tebow "Sound FX" online | First-and-Orange
NFL Films wired Tim Tebow to catch all of the sound from Sunday’s game against the Bears.

Tebow wasn’t exactly a recruiting "sleeper" coming out of HS | First-and-Orange
I’ve heard some Tim Tebow fans say that "nobody even expected him to be a successful college quarterback."

NFL News NFL Picks Against the Spread - Week 15, 2011
Not only do I think Tebow will stay within six points; I believe he'll come away with the straight-up victory. Bad things happen to New England when it plays Denver; Brady is a ridiculously bad 1-6 versus the Broncos in his career, with the sole victory being a 30-26 triumph on a Monday night back in 2003.

N.F.L. Cashes In on Its Popularity -
Starting in 2014, CBS, Fox and NBC will spend a combined average of about $3 billion a year — more than 50 percent higher than their current deals.

Changes on way in networks' new NFL deals –
In the NFL's longest TV deals, CBS, Fox and NBC Wednesday got NFL games through 2022.

NFL Approves Sale of Jacksonville Jaguars to Shahid Khan - Businessweek
National Football League team owners unanimously approved the sale of the Jacksonville Jaguars to Shahid Khan, the owner of auto-parts maker Flex-N-Gate Corp. who failed in a bid last year to buy the St. Louis Rams.

Embrace Your Brand | National Football Post
Tebow could have played it safe and kept his convictions to himself but by wearing his faith on his sleeve he is building his brand.

Orton or Stanzi will start for Chiefs Sunday | National Football Post
The Tyler Palko Era is over in Kansas City.

Head Games | National Football Post
McCoy case refocuses concussion issues

Holmgren admits McCoy wasn't checked for concussion | National Football Post
Browns QB not diagnosed until Friday morning for head injury..

Steve Johnson of Buffalo Bills ponders future after talks end - ESPN
Stevie Johnson could be down to playing his final games with the Buffalo Bills after contract talks broke off a few weeks ago.

Rodgers blasts NFL's HGH proposal, defends Brewers' Braun
"The testing policy in the NFL, I think as far as for steroid testing, is in the right place right now. We get tested a lot; it's completely random, you don't know about it.

Denver Broncos Fans

My plan to stop Rob Gronkowski! - Mile High Report
There is an article here in MHR called Any ideas on how to stop Gronk? that made me think about some ideas to answer it. Thank you boanst (the author), since thinking about football strategies always help me to relieve the stress of my work.

What is the fuel for the detractors? - Mile High Report
I have been pondering the polarizing effect Tebow has had on the media, pundits, and so called experts. What has me confused is I have never seen an athlete who has shown or proven to be successful and a leader, who has generated this much disdain from the so called experts.

One superstar and his infinite ceiling. - Mile High Report
How funny life is: rarely do people succeed when attempting to reach lofty pinnacles expected by others. Then you have this guy whose lofty pinnacle hasn’t even been determined by the so-called experts, and every week it keeps getting higher.

5 Keys to Beating the Pats - Mile High Report
Hiya Hiya MHR. Well, 8-5 has been achieved. For me, and most people I've talked to or read, this game against the Patriots will truly be a litmus test to see if our beloved Broncos, under the inexplicable Timothy Tebow, will be able to be competitive in the playoffs against teams like Pittsburgh, Baltimore and New England.

DBroncs Keys to the Pats Game - Mile High Report
I'm usually not a major contributor here, and I don't really enjoy doing fanposts often. But as a roommate of 5 Patriots fans, I would just like to share my thoughts on what we need to do to beat this team. Let me preface this by saying this is a winnable game.

Believing is Seeing - Mile High Report
I feel stupid. For some reason i have become completely illogical and unreasonable. Every week people talk to me and look at me like i must be crazy. Let me explain after we jump.