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Broncos Vs. Patriots: Showdown On Pace For Record Action In Vegas

This Sunday's showdown between the Broncos and Patriots is attracting a record number of bettors, at least for a regular season game. According to RJ Bell of, the spread, currently showing the Patriots as 6.5 point favorites, is on pace to be the biggest bet regular season game of the year, with FIVE TIMES the action of a standard NFL game.

The large spread could have something to do with that. According to Bell, the +6.5 makes the Broncos the largest home underdog of ANY team with a 6-game or longer winning streak in over 25 years.

Still, Bell says the action is leaning heavily towards the Patriots, with 80% of bets to date going with Tom Brady and Co.

A few other betting notes from Bell:

If you had started with $100 at the beginning of the Broncos winning streak, and let it ride each week, you would have won $38,450.

The Broncos are now 25-to-1 to win the Super Bowl. Only 7 teams currently have better odds.