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Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - 12/16/11

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Applying Pressure |
Slowing down the Patriots starts and stops with slowing down Tom Brady, and making him uncomfortable will be key Sunday.

NFL Videos: Belichick vs. Tebow
Patriots coach Bill Belichick is known as a defensive mastermind, but can his wizardry stop Tim Tebow and the Broncos' unconventional offensive attack? Our experts weigh in on the subject.

I believe in Tebow | National Football Post
Something very strange and wonderful is happening this year to Tim Tebow and his team---and I'M A BELIEVER!

Tillman says Tebow didn’t talk trash | ProFootballTalk
We interrupt the ongoing coverage of the Sam Hurd story to resume the ongoing coverage of all things Tebow.

Tim Tebow's nice-guy style could herald change in business management - The Denver Post
Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow gets credit for leading the team to six consecutive wins, rallying teammates to four come-from-behind victories in a row. Call it affirmation for the nice-guy style of management.

Pats’ Tight Ends Pose Questions That Are Difficult to Answer |
Watch the Broncos long enough, and you’ll see repeating patterns and storylines that endure through myriad coaching and personnel changes. The one that arises again this week: having to account for a dominant tight end.

Denver Broncos Videos

Week 15 - Thursday: Fox |
Head Coach John Fox talks to the press after Thursday's practice.

Week 15 - Thursday: McCoy |
Offensive Coordinator Mike McCoy talks about Tim Tebow, trying to get off to a quicker start and preparing for the Patriots.

Week 15 - Thursday: Allen
Defensive Coordinator Dennis Allen talks about what it'll take to limit Tom Brady and New England's potent offense.

Tebow Mic'd Up vs Bears 2011 - YouTube
Tim Tebow on Sound FX Mic'd Up vs the Bears

Week 15: Reiss' P.A.T. - ESPN Video - ESPN's Mike Reiss breaks down the highly anticipated matchup between the Patriots and the Tim Tebow-led Broncos.

NFL Videos: Tebow's biggest supporter
Broncos LB Von Miller has racked up a rookie-high 11.5 sacks this season. Hear what Miller believes Denver's defense needs to do in order to stall Tom Brady and the Patriots' offense for "Tebow Time" to begin.

NFL Videos: Week 15: Patriots vs. Broncos Preview
The Patriots have long struggled in Denver, and they'll find a unique challenge there Sunday as they seek to end the Broncos' stunning six-game winning streak.

Denver Broncos News news: Bears RB Barber doesn't address previous mistakes in interview
All those Bears fans aching to know just what exactly was going through Marion Barber's mind when he ran out of bounds during the fourth quarter of Sunday's loss to the Denver Broncos will have to keep waiting for an explanation, Barber is done thinking about last week.

After Further Review: Broncos rush benefiting from Allen's creativity -
Let's not let Tim Tebow overshadow Denver's stellar defense. Pete Prisco specifically credits new coordinator Dennis Allen, who is finding various ways to get speed rushers Elvis Dumervil and Von Miller to the quarterback.

Slowing Tim Tebow hasn’t been easy - Sports - The Boston Globe
When the Patriots visit on Sunday for a 4:15 p.m. game at Sports Authority Field, they’ll be given a challenge few other teams have met: Find a way, for 60 minutes, to keep Tebow from working his magic.

Bucking the hype on Patriots-Broncos -
For all of us, thankfully, the hype will end at kickoff. Then the Patriots and Denver Broncos will play a game with potentially significant postseason ramifications in which the teams will match both strengths and weaknesses.

Bruschi's Breakdown: New England Patriots at Denver Broncos - ESPN Boston
Can Tim Tebow put up enough points to keep pace with Tom Brady?

CBS analysts talk Patriots-Broncos - New England Patriots Blog - ESPN Boston
Soundbites from CBS analysts Boomer Esiason and Shannon Sharpe on Sunday's game between the Patriots and Broncos (as provided by CBS' media relations).

Denver Broncos defense demands notice, too | Worcester Telegram & Gazette
We all know, or at least are getting familiar with, Tim Tebow magic, mania, magnetism — whatever you want to call it — and all of these fascinating fourth-quarter comebacks that he has fueled in recent weeks.

Odds great of late that Broncos' Prater comes through - The Denver Post
Matt Prater and Britton Colquitt are quite content in their corner of the Broncos locker room at Dove Valley.

Krieger: Broncos coach John Fox would just as soon avoid overtime drama - The Denver Post
John Foxs hair wasnt always white. At least, thats his story."It was brown, probably in the late 90s," he said Thursday.

Gator on Gator: Tebow's dunk is the real thing - The Denver Post
Tim Tebow can run, pass (sometimes), break tackles, write books, bless God and inspire a city.

Broncos' defense must hustle to combat Patriots' no-huddle - The Denver Post
The Broncos defense knows it will have to move quickly Sunday — and help wont be coming from the sideline too often when the Patriots are in their no-huddle mode.

Bailey picked a good time for a pick of Pats - The Denver Post
Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey made one of his signature plays in one of the Patriots previous visits to Denver.

Tight coverage of tight ends could keep game tight - The Denver Post
Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has been a 6-foot-6, 265-pound thorn in the side of every defense he has faced this season.

Broncos look for ways to put pressure on Patriots quarterback Tom Brady - The Denver Post
If a guy wins one Super Bowl, he rises in the eyes of his peers.Win three Super Bowls and he goes to the rarest of places.

Broncos defense aims to make Patriots' Tom Brady "uncomfortable" - The Denver Post
Tom Brady may be having as good a year as he ever has. "The thing with this team, what youve got to do is find ways to pressure Tom Brady," Broncos defensive coordinator Dennis Allen said Thursday.

Denver Broncos Blogs

Patriots Present Tough Challenge |
The improved Broncos defense is charged with the task of stopping the high-flying Patriots offense, led by quarterback Tom Brady, this week.

Scenes from a Practice: Dec. 15 |
The last thing the Broncos wanted to see was three of their top six defensive backs missing practice due to injuries with the AFC’s top passing game looming.

With Tebow leading Broncos with his feet and arm, Patriots hope to control unorthodox QB - The Washington Post
The New England Patriots say they’re preparing for Tim Tebow like they do for any other quarterback — learn what he does well and what he does poorly and take advantage of that knowledge.

Broncos' secondary getting healthier - AFC West Blog - ESPN
The Denver Broncos received good injury news Thursday. Starting defensive backs Brian Dawkins (neck) and Andre Goodman (concussion) practiced on a limited basis Thursday after not practicing Wednesday. Both players were hurt Sunday.

Limited-edition Tebow rookie card soaring in value - Page 2 - ESPN
Tim Tebow's remarkable ascent this season amid the thin Rocky Mountain air to the top of the NFL universe has been unbelievably breathtaking.

Tackle Orlando Franklin, The Man Who Has Tebow's Back - Predominantly Orange
Many men have Tim Tebow’s back, but one in particular really stands out. Rookie right tackle Orlando Franklin protects Tebow’s blindside every week. It’s hard for offensive linemen to protect a quarterback that is capable of running the ball in addition to a quarterback that is relatively inexperienced as a professional.

Broncos defense, Tim Tebow equal partners in Denver's 7-1 turnaround |
Tebow this. Tebow that. The New England Patriots have heard enough of it.

All Bets On Denver Broncos In Fourth-Quarter - Predominantly Orange
As the Denver Broncos prepare for the New England Patriots, there’s one game tape I’m sure they’re looking closely at. When the Pats played the Indianapolis Colts two weeks ago, they gave up 21 fourth-quarter points to a Manning-less offense.That’s just how bad this defense can be at times.

Patriots’ Bill Belichick once coached in Denver - BroncoTalk
Thirty-three years ago, before Bill Belichick was a head coach — or even a defensive coordinator — he was roaming the sidelines in Denver as a defensive assistant coach.

Tebow crashes the Republican debate | First-and-Orange
Everyone wants a piece of the Tim Tebow action these days. Politicians included.

Massive media horde descending on Denver for Broncos-Patriots | First-and-Orange
The Broncos are preparing for a massive crowd of reporters, photographers and television crews for Sunday’s game between the Broncos and Patriots.

Don’t expect a McCoy-Tebow blowup like Pat’s Brady and his coordinator | First-and-Orange
They’re probably still talking about it in Boston. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady engaged in a shouting match with his offensive coordinator, Bill O’Brien, Sunday after Brady threw an interception in the end zone with 6:30 remaining in the fourth quarter of New England’s 34-27 victory over Washington.

Broncos linebacker Mays will try to "slow" play Pat’s Gronkowski | First-and-Orange
There can’t be many more difficult matchups in the AFC than a linebacker trying to hang with Patriots tight end extraordinaire Rob Gronkowski.

Avoiding calling this a big game for the Broncos? Not Decker | First-and-Orange
Broncos coach John Fox said earlier this week that Sunday’s Broncos vs. Patriots game at Sports Authority Field at Mile High counts just the same as any other game.

NFL News

NFL Week 15 picks include Patriots-Broncos, Ravens-Chargers, Steelers-49ers - Peter King -
Poof. There it goes. Teblowed up. The way I see this game is that New England's going to get a good lead early, and Tim Tebow is going to have to play well early to keep the Broncos in it. And that is not Tebow's game. Maybe it will be Sunday, magically. But in a battle of four-quarter quarterbacks, give me Brady -- even against a tough D like Denver's.

Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers have been dominant over last year - Don Banks -
Perhaps it's a byproduct of the league-wide obsession with all things Tebow, and the remarkable story that just keeps raging on in Denver, consuming more and more oxygen every week.

USC's Matt Kalil will enter NFL draft –
Southern California left tackle Matt Kalil says he will skip his senior season to enter the NFL draft.

NFL roundup: Bears' Sam Hurd arrested on drug charges | Detroit Free Press
Bears wide receiver Sam Hurd was in federal custody Thursday, charged with trying to set up a drug-dealing network after authorities arrested him with a kilogram of cocaine during a sting.

Jim Fassel Still Waiting for Second Chance as an N.F.L. Coach -
Since leaving the Giants in 2003, Jim Fassel has bounced around, working as a N.F.L. assistant, on the radio and, currently, in the United Football League.

League "looking into" Sam Hurd case | ProFootballTalk
Bears receiver Sam Hurd currently has serious legal issues. He soon may have serious employment issues, too.

Denver Broncos Fans

Confessions - Mile High Report
I have a confession to make. I am a University of Florida alum, graduated in '07 after the first national championship, and, above all else, am a Gator. I came to this site, to this team, entirely because of Tim Tebow - I, and many of my friends, simply wanted to continue rooting for the greatest Gator as he began his professional career.

"I Spy" On Coaches: Dennis Allen - Mile High Report
The Dennis Allen story was a bit difficult for me, requiring some deep digging. I think that he likes his privacy, and may not allow much information to become common knowledge. That makes me like this guy right from the start!

ROUND 10: Broncos' best cheerleader tournament - Mile High Report
First of all, thanks to all who voted and congratulations to Patricia for winning Round Nine of our cheerleader tournament. Also, another big Mile High Salute to Kim for her showing. This was another big margin of victory with two very close competitors. Another lifelong Broncos fan took this one though, so I'm guessing I'm not the only one who has been focusing on the information.