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New England Patriots at Denver Broncos Post-Game Thread

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Category Broncos Patriots
Score 23 41
Rushing Yards 31 car. 252 yards (8.1 ypc) 36 car. 141 yards (3.9 ypc)
Passing Yards
141 310
Total Yards 393 451
3rd Down Conversions 4-10 5-12
T.O.P 26:19 33:41
3 0

Well, the Denver Broncos lost their first game in seven weeks today to the New England Patriots 41-23.

Everything seemed to be going according to plan early. The Broncos on their first three possessions ran the ball down the field for over 160 yards in the first quarter and had a 16-7 lead. However, after a Patriots score, the Broncos had a Lance Ball fumble, a Tim Tebow fumble and a Quan Cosby fumble to give the Patriots a 27-16 lead.

The Patriots scored early in the third again to take a 34-16 lead. In the fourth quarter, they made an attempt to do Tebow Time with a early Tim Tebow run but unfortunately that would be the end of it. The Patriots scored right after that to make the score 41-23. If the Broncos win out, they are in. If they beat Kansas City in week 17, they win the division. If they only beat Buffalo and not Kansas City, and Oakland wins out, they would be tied and Oakland would win because of division record. Oakland faces Kansas City and then San Diego.

Other losses that help the Broncos today in case a wild card situation arises is the Jets lost to the Eagles and the Titans lost to the Colts. The Bengals won but right now the Jets have the tiebreaker over them and are in that spot.

Yeah we lost but there were some good things. Tim Tebow played a good game throwing the ball. The running game again was unstoppable. However, the turnovers are what did us in and something we have not done. This team was bound to lose a game eventually. Lets keep our heads up and look to 6 days against the Buffalo Bills.