Learning Experience

Tough loss to take, especially after we opened up the game running over the Patriots. We learned many things today:

1. Turnovers will absolutely kill you against good teams, and the Patriots are an elite team (even with the 32nd defense in football).

2. Our Defense which had played so well over the last 8 weeks got worked over. Our tackling was poor, our pass rush was non existent and our secondary coverage was weak.

3. We don't have enough good defensive backs to play an elite team, unless our pass rush dominates the game.

4. We let Tom Brady pick us apart with short passes and our lack of tackling gave the Patriots countless extra yards.

5. Tim Tebow is growing every game as a passer. His throws were good, he didn't throw an interception. Even his one fumble was more of a fluke play, because the Patriots defender jumped the play.

6. Our running backs are good, but we need McGahee to get healthy. Ball is a capabe back up.

7. Our offensive line is solid, but they did struggle with the Patriots pass rush as the game went on.

8. WTF is Quan Crosby doing catching punts??? How on earth did he even try to field that punt before half giving the Patriots three easy points. He muffed a kick later in the game too, killing our field position. Decker, Royal....anyone else but please don't let Crosby anywhere near punts or kickoffs.

We knocked on the door of the AFC elite, and proved we could play with the Patriots for about a quarter. If we get lucky enough to see them in the playoffs, we will have to play error free football and play far better on defense to have a chance to beat them.

Glad the Raiders lost, hopefully we can beat the slumping Bills next week and lock down the AFC West Division Title and keep it in Denver where it belongs.

Broncos Forever...

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