Playoff scenarios

I've been reading a lot of questions and ill informed responses in the threads about what we need to happen for the Broncos to clinch, so here it is, trust this:

Current Standings:

DEN 8-6 (BUF, K.C.)

OAK 7-7 (K.C., S.D.)

S.D. 6-7 (BAL, DET, OAK)

K.C. 6-8 (OAK, DEN)

N.Y.J. 8-6 (N.Y.G., MIA)

CIN 8-6 (AZ, BAL)

TEN 7-7 (JAX, HOU)

We can clinch the division next week IF

Broncos win

+Raiders loss (K.C.) +S.D. loss tonight (BAL) or next week (DET)

Of course even if we lose next week, if we beat K.C., we win the division.

We can even clinch at least a wild card spot next week IF

Broncos win

+Jets loss (Giants), +Bengals loss(Cardinals), +Titans loss(JAX), +SD loss tonight (Baltimore) or next week(Detroit)

That's because the Titans (who beat us head to head) could finish no better than 8-8, while we would be 9-6, and the others could do no better than 9-6 and we hold tiebreakers over them.

Hope this clears it up, either way let's get back to winning, GO BRONCOS!!!

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