Looking Forward

I have been trying to analyze this game in my head so now I think I will put down a few of the thoughts before they get away from me.

I fully expected a butt kicking today. We got it but it did not come how I thought. I thought we would really tank on the offense and I guess if you think about the turnovers, that was a piece of it. This game's score was more about showing us just how far we need to come to be a legit football team. We have made GREAT strides and I think today really will help us down the road if the coaches choose to use it in the right way. We are progressing as a team. However, you can see what happens when all 3 phases of the game are not working on the same day like they have over the past 6 weeks. Enough of that. Looking forward I see some good and bad. Fill in what I left out.

1. I hope the coaches look at this film very hard. Not to see what we did wrong to correct it but to put in place the TE usage packages that NE has made famous this year. If you ask me, this is the #1 deficiency of our offense. Plays where those blitzes are coming should be home runs for Tebow if there was a TE on the hot route like NE has. I do not blame or TE's but rather the play designs or lack thereof.

2. Start Chris Harris immediately at the other corner. Probably the 3rd best tackler on our team behind Champ and Miller and appears to me the better option. Goodman can not cover at all anymore. He is just OK in zone but can not cover or tackle. Most big plays have been at his expense. We need at least 3 more starter quality CB's out of the draft and free agency if we wish to keep up with teams like we played today.

3. Not sure what is up with our safety's. Their play has been hit and miss. They both need to be better tacklers and have to start making the plays that materialize. They can no longer let a pass bounce off the face mask even if it was tipped.

4. Not sure why Irving is not playing. No way he is as bad as Mays. Maybe he does not blow up a guy now and then but he has to tackle better and for sure play better pass D. This is one of our biggest areas of need in my opinion. Teams that have a strong MLB have LB's making INT's and big plays in the passing game not just on run downs.

5. Find more ways to get Matt Willis the ball. He is slowly becoming the most sure handed receiver on the field and one that moves the sticks on 3rd down.

6. Speaking of 3rd downs. Refer to #1 above. We need the TE's to become a receiving threat. Go back to our glory days, Look at the Pats and the cheese heads. The receiving TE is not an afterthought but a 1st of the line goto guy.

7. John Elway. Please draft us the best player at every spot. Do not reach for positions. We still have many holes to fill and other than a few spots, most starters can be upgraded leaving us with some actual depth. (Everyone that agree with #4 please pray for one to emerge at our pick)

8. Or 88. DT is coming along great. He has had his drops but will only get better. He proved that today. Decker is going to be there as a steady force. I think right now Willis is better than Royal and deserves more time on the field. We could really use a FAST wideout.

9. Tebow is improving at a rapid rate. He will continue to get better and we have no idea what his ceiling is. Is he at it, is it to the moon? I want to find out but we need to draw up some better plays that continue to play to his strength. See #1.

10. Our team is still a ways away from being considered a good team. We have improved from Horrible to good over this season. Who would have REALLY predicted this (now be honest). We are still 5-10 players short of competing with the top tier in the NFL. Hopefully we continue to build through the draft and take only a few FA's like McGeehe and Bunkley.

I love me some Bronco Football win or lose. But it sure feels much better on Sunday nights after a win.


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