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Broncos vs. Patriots Week 15 Aftermath

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The Denver Broncos couldn't extend their six game win streak on Sunday, falling to the New England Patriots 41-23. Trying to overcome a 3 Turnover differential is nearly impossible in the history of the NFL. I think this game showed us a few things though. It showed why aging veterans Brian Dawkins and Andre' Goodman remain on the team. Denver started rookies at both Safety positions and Tom Brady took advantage of them, which is to be expected out of one of the top Quarterbacks in the league. Rahim Moore and Quinton Carter received valuable experience playing against New England and will undoubtedly improve. Both have started opposite Brian Dawkins this season and benefited from having that veteran presence next to them in the huddle, but they were on their own Sunday.

I was disappointed that the score keeper didn't give Von Miller credit for a Sack on Tom Brady, but gave him a Tackle For a Loss on the play. Hopefully that gets changed by Wednesday when the stats become official.

I thought the officiating was very one-sided, but the 3 Turnovers were the major difference in the game. 13 points given away is a lot to overcome. Still, the Broncos scored more than their season average of 20 points per game. The Patriots are one of the better teams in the league and merely proved it once again.

Today's game is history and it is time to move forward. Did this game define the 2011 Denver Broncos? I don't believe so. We found out just how far this team has come and how far they still have to travel. The Wise Guys who set the odds in the Las Vegas Sports Books contended that the Broncos would win less than 6 games this year. Well at the very least, they will finish with an 8-8 record. I'm sure just about every fan in Bronco Country would say that before this season began, they would gladly accept 8 wins this year. Yeah, with a new Front Office, a new head coach along with replacing half the coaching staff including their 5th or 6th Defensive Coordinator in as many years. No Offseason Training Activities or Conditioning sessions at the team facilities. How about starting five rookies on opening night. Yes, this team has done well. Plus, there are two more weeks to build on. Then we shall see what can happen in the Post season tournament. Just getting there is half the battle.

It is time to move on now. In the meantime, we will nurse our wounds and patiently await for the Buffalo Bills to wreak havoc upon.

Go Broncos!

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