The AFC West is Wide Open

Right now, the division standings are:

  • DEN 8-6 (@BUF, KC)
  • OAK 7-7 (@KC, SD)
  • SD 7-7 (@DET, @OAK)
  • KC 6-8 (OAK, @DEN)
That's not actually eight remaining games - since we play each other, it's only five remaining games. That makes it a bit easier to figure out all the possible outcomes. Let's explore...

Denver wins at 10-6. No other team in the division can get to 10-6, obviously.

Denver definitely wins at 9-7 if they beat Kansas City, due to common opponents against Oakland.

Oakland wins at 9-7 if Denver loses to Kansas City - they'd have a 4-2 division record.

San Diego wins at 9-7 if Denver loses out.

Kansas City wins at 8-8 in any tie-breaking procedure - they'd have a 4-2 division record.

If Denver, San Diego, and Oakland tie at 8-8, then Denver wins due to a 4-4 common opponents record, when San Diego and Oakland would be at 3-5.

San Diego and Kansas City both need Denver to lose out, while they need to win out - and Kansas City would need San Diego to lose once.

If Denver beats Buffalo but loses to Kansas City, they only win the division if Oakland loses once.

San Diego, Kansas City, and Oakland all need to win out - only Denver can afford to lose once, and only to Buffalo.

Denver can clinch next week if they beat Buffalo and KC beats Oakland.

So, this next week, we're hoping for a Denver win against Buffalo, and an Oakland loss against Kansas City, and a Detroit win against San Diego.

But if we lose against Buffalo, we want Oakland to BEAT Kansas City. Then we want to beat Kansas City. But if we lose to Kansas City, then we want San Diego to beat Oakland, but only if Detroit beat San Diego first! Dizzy yet?

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