Thoughts on the Patriots loss

To quote Dennis Green, "We had them right where we wanted them, and we let em off the hook!" That first quarter couldnt have gone any better. We were beating them the way i thought we would, run the ball, run the ball some more, play action, option, run, run TD....something like that haha. We had a lead, we were dominating their D, everything was looking great. Then the 2nd quarter came...

  • 3 BIG fumbles. Those right there cost us the game. I honestly think if we didnt fumble there the game would have been ALOT closer. Giving the Patriots 3 more opportunities in good field position too put points on the board will be costly. A stat that is crazy but shows how important ball security is, is the Patriots are 104-4 or something like that when they win the TO battle. Cannot do that and expect to win

  • Defense. Where was this pass rush!? DJ, Von, Doom? expect for a few plays i barely noticed any of you guys. Idk if Dennis Allen decided to be conservative on D, but you cannot give Brady all day and expect to stop him. Goodman, Carter, Moore. I can tell 2 of you are rookies and the other is an old near if not at the end of the line corner. Brady picked you apart. Watching Ochocinco who's done squat all year get that wide open was terrible!

  • Offensive line play was terrible. Tebow was running for his life alot, pocket was collapsing. I give these guys props for run blocking, but pass blocking was bad down the stretch.

  • Refs, where was the holding calls on the patriots? Hands to the face calls? Seemed like the Refs were a little 1 sided today. I know people will say, it's the Patriots that's what happens. I say bullshit. These guy's are paid to call a fair game. Maybe i'm just biased, but seems like the Broncos got jipped on a few calls today

  • Tim Tebow had a great game for us. This loss is not on him at all. That fumble is his only blemish. He was moving the ball at will against their D. Then the Fumbles happened, and Tebow never had a chance to get back on the field.

Final thoughts. We still control our destiny. We have a very winnable schedule ahead. Bills are free falling, Chiefs will be a tough game, but a very winnable one. We just need to take care of business and hope everyone else falters. I think a loss will be good for this team. Don't get me wrong, no loss is good. But should re-motivate the team and come out and kick buffalo's ass on christmas eve.
Quick prediction, Broncos beat the bills next saturday. It will be christmas eve. Tebow will not lose on Christmas eve.

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