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For Your Consideration: Chris Kuper

As the 2012 Pro Bowl voting comes to a conclusion Mile High Report will be endorsing several Broncos players for your consideration:

Quick question, who is the toughest opponent that Ndamukong Suh has ever gone head-to-head against in his NFL career? Quick answer: Denver Broncos right guard Chris Kuper. Kuper did something to Suh that has only happened twice in Suh's career-- shut him out.

If Suh is nasty Kuper is disgusting, former Denver guard Mark 'Stink' Schlereth called Kuper, "One of the nastiest players you will ever see, not only to the whistle but beyond the whistle."

Though the Mile High Report complete list of 2012 Pro Bowl endorsements will be revealed throughout the upcoming three weeks Kuper remains a long shot (thus the reason for this endorsement), get the word out vote early and often and make sure that you vote Kuper at guard on your ballot right here!

So, what are you waiting for? Vote Kuper to the the 2012 Pro Bowl before it is too late! Follow this link where all of your favorite Denver players are located at the top of the ballot for your ease in voting them into the game. Although if the Broncos make the Super Bowl it will all be all for nothing.

For Your Consideration will be a tri-weekly series leading up to the 2012 Pro Bowl voting finale on December 19th. Feel free to vote for your favorite players here and be sure to follow Mile High Report on Twitter and Facebook as well as me via The Orange Page.