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If You Must Compare Tim Tebow To a Running Back ...

Then pick Jim Brown.

Now before people freak out, let me explain. I'm not comparing Tim Tebow's ability as a running back to Jim Brown. I'm comparing the men they are within. The angry competitive fire that drove Jim Brown to be the greatest running back to have ever played the game - even now, 50 years later - and the angry competitive fire that currently drives our own favorite running quarterback in Tim Tebow are one in the same.

For example, take a moment to watch this video:

Take note of the competitive fire within Jim Brown. He wanted not only to win the game, but to punish the opposing players. Every shot Jim Brown took, he bounced right back up so the enemy would never know that Jim Brown feels pain. Jim Brown brought the pain and the other team knew it.

Now watch this short Tebow highlight reel:

What I am alluding to is, Jim Brown and Tim Tebow share the same desire to bring the pain on the football field. Tim Tebow doesn't let the other team know he feels pain, but he makes sure they know that Tim Tebow is there to dish the pain out.

We have a once in a generation quarterback here, yet we still don't even know if he'll succeed in the long run. That is the crazy part of this whole ride we are currently on. I will say this about Tim Tebow. If he works out long term, Bronco fans are going to be treated to one hell of a football career. It may be Jim Brown short in length, but what we'll get is 9-10 years of absolute greatness.

That's the kind of ride I could certainly be on board with!

Besides, who says you have to play 16 years and throw for 50,000 yards to be a Hall of Fame quarterback? In today's age, probably quite likely, but if there was one man with the potential to have the one quarterbacking career in the modern era that does bring a bust to Canton, it will be Timothy Richard Tebow.

Not every team is lucky enough to have a Jim Brown on both offense and defense. Von Miller has that special something too. Let's keep the magic going on Sunday!


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