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The Dichotomy of the Denver Broncos

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The second quarter. I felt like I was watching the latest episode of When Disaster Strikes. Few teams in the NFL can overcome a minus three in the turnover category, fewer still against the Tom Brady-led New England Patriots.

However, I disagree with Champ Bailey when he said after the game that this team is not ready for the playoffs. I also disagree with many in the national media that Tim Tebow can't win a trackmeet. The fact is, the Denver Broncos were punching the New England Patriots in the teeth up until they gift wrapped the game for them. The Broncos lost this game more than the Patriots won it.

I saw a Patriots team that was on their heels early in the game with no answer to what the Broncos were doing. They needed disaster to strike in order to turn the tide in this game. How often can a team depend on disaster to befall the other team in order to win games? (Besides Tim Tebow and the Broncos - hahaha)

Fumbles are a random thing and cannot be counted upon to win games week in and week out. I believe had disaster not struck, the score would have been reversed, but the Broncos beat themselves and lost this game due to stupid mistakes.

This past Sunday we were treated to two playoff teams going at it. The team that made costly mistakes was teh team that lost. We did learn one thing about this Broncos team, they are a top 12 team, not a top 6 one. In the grand scehem of things, I'll take it!

I wonder ... Are there any fans out there completely disparaged by this loss? Disparaged like you were after the Baltimore beatdown in 2009 or the three losses against the Carolina Panthers, Buffalo Bills and San Diego Chargers to close out the 2008 season? I can honestly say, no. I was encouraged by this loss, not disparaged.

If anything, the Patriots should have more questions about their team than do the Broncos after this game. The Broncos know they cannot win games consistently if they turn the ball over like they did on Sunday, while the Patriots were getting punched in the mouth up until disaster struck the Broncos and had no answer for what the Broncos were doing. I sure hope this Broncos team gets another shot at the Patriots in the postseason. I suspect next time the BRoncos won't hand them the game on a silver platter. Next time, the Patriots will get punched in the mouth for four quarters.

For now, the Broncos need to get back in the saddle against a Buffalo Bills team that just gave up 200 yards rushing to Reggie Bush. A 10-6 finish will do much to validate this season for all of us, so now its time to take care of business and win the West.


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