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Top Five Offensive Plays Versus Patriots

5) Tim Tebow runs the ball a long distance here. This is a classic Tim Tebow play. He watches the pressure and as it comes to spins away and looks for room to run knowing the rush is past him. Tim has a lot of room to run and does what he does best and extends the play and then takes it into his own hands.

4) Tim Tebow pass to Demaryius Thomas - Tebow connects with Thomas on a long pass to start an attempted comeback. New England only rushes 3 here making it harder for Tebow to find an open man but some confusion in the secondary allows Thomas to get open for a few seconds and Tebow finds him. I feel Tebow is finding a new favorite target in Thomas.

3) Tim Tebow pass to Lance Ball - Following the long Thomas reception, on the next play Tebow extends the play again and finds Ball. This is becoming an occurrence I like and he is not immediately looking to run. Ball scampers all the way down to the two that set up a Tim Tebow two yard touchdown run.

2) Lance Ball touchdown run - Lance Ball caps off a strong Bronco drive with a touchdown.A strong cut at the 20 yard line and a stiff arm late is able to get him into the endzone. The Broncos running backs have got to be loving this offense and every game there is a new top guy. Johnson also had a huge game.

1) Tim Tebow touchdown run - This was incredible. I saw the play and thought "awh crap" and Tim gets away from the tackle that would be a loss of three and turns it into a 9 yard touchdown run. So strong and I hope to see more of this in the future.

Hope you liked the countdown and defensive plays will be coming later!