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Top Five Defensive Plays Versus Patriots

5) Rob Gronkowski 4 yard loss - Rob Gronkowski was supposed to be the guy we did not know how to stop. We actually shut him down all day. Dumervil and Ayers brought him down here. Too bad Hernandez lit us up all day.

4) Stephen Ridley tackled for 2 yard loss - This was late in the game but it was a nice play. A team pursuit stopped Ridley with Chris Harris making the tackle. The Patriots were just trying to put the game away.

3) Von Miller tackle Tom Brady for a loss - I do not know how this does not go down as a sack. Maybe because once the ball is fumbled he is listed as a runner until it looks like he is passing or something? I don't know but I think Von got robbed.

2) Quinton Carter sacks Tom Brady - Something that was not done til the second half finally happened. The Broncos mixed up their blitzes and brought safety Quinton Carter. He has done this a few times this year. This is how you beat quarterbacks like this come playoff time.

1) Elvis Dumervil sacks Tom Brady - Wow. Whamo! Dumervil comes around the edge, sheds off his block and Brady does not see this coming. I am shocked that Brady got up immediately after this and that he held onto the ball.