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Tebow Finishes Third in AFC Fan Pro Bowl Voting

Not that it had anything to do with this great community (or did it?), but Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow has finished third amongst all AFC quarterbacks in fan voting-- fifth amongst all NFL quarterbacks.

Tebow had nearly 633,000 votes, far behind the New England Patriots Tom Brady (1,454,311) and Pittsburgh Steelers Ben Roethlisberger (935,000).

Yes, as most of you are well aware the fan vote is only one-third of the votes taken into account when voting for who in the NFL gets to go to the Pro Bowl--coaches and players have the other two-thirds.

However, take into account a few factors: There aren't that many quarterbacks better than Tebow in the AFC--arguments could be made for a Joe Flacco, Philip Rivers or even Ryan Fitzpatrick, but amongst those three plus Roethlisberger and Brady one is likely to be in the Super Bowl and at least one (Brady or Roethlisberger) could be injured.

So not withstanding a trip to Indianapolis, Tebow is likely heading to Honolulu. Not bad for a quarterback who can't throw and is unlikely to start in Denver in the future. Then again Denver does have a way of dealing their Pro Bowl quarterbacks recently.

Coaches and players will vote today and tomorrow and the NFL will announce the 2012 Pro Bowl team on Tuesday December 27th.