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Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - 12/24/11


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Ready for Battle in Buffalo
After learning some lessons from last week's loss, the Broncos look to get a new winning streak started against the Bills.

A change in scenery and eating habits has done wonders for Willis McGahee.

Musings, observations and the occasional insight as we stare down the last two weeks of the NFL's regular season, and the playoff chases that somehow still involve 22 of the league's 32 teams. That's right, it has taken us almost four months to eliminate all of 10 teams...

A brief lookahead to Week 16's Denver-Buffalo game. -

After Years of Cold-Weather Issues, Broncos Hope to Heat Up
Since the Broncos are from Colorado, you might think they were a cold-weather team. You’d be wrong.


Denver Broncos Video

NFL Videos: Tools for Victory: Broncos vs. Bills
What is the game plan for stopping Tim Tebow? Brian Billick explains what the Bills defense needs to do to stop the Broncos rushing attack.

Denver Broncos News

Broncos-Bills scouting report: 11 a.m. Saturday at Buffalo; KCNC-4, 850 AM - The Denver Post
With all of their troubles on offense, the Bills have become a dink-and-dunk team without many big plays.

Broncos Set for Christmas Eve Tilt
The Denver Broncos are ready for a Week 16 matchup in Buffalo against the Bills.

Broncos-Bills: Five Things to Watch

Tebow says he’s ready for cold-weather time | ProFootballTalk
When the Broncos face the Bills in Buffalo on Saturday, the temperature is expected to be in the 30s.

Three Denver Muslims lead cheers for Tebow - Washington Times
DENVER — This is the story of three sports-loving Muslim brothers and how they boosted the career of the NFL’s most famous Christian.

Denver Broncos passed on Marcell Dareus - Boulder Daily Camera
Among problems an NFL team can have, the one the Broncos faced last April was a pretty darn good one.

Elway on Tebow: "Everyone Believes" | Pro Player Insiders
As Tim Tebow continues to win, he is starting to win over some of his harshest critics, maybe even those in his own organization.

Denver Broncos Not Joining It Gets Better Project | Lez Get Real
There is an old adage that goes along the lines of ‘talk is cheap, actions are expensive.’ Thus, it is not surprising that the Denver Broncos will not be participating in the It Gets Better Project, at least for the foreseeable future.

NFL News

U.S. Senator from Ohio calls for end to "failed" blackout policy | ProFootballTalk
Six of the Cincinnati Bengals’ seven home games this season will be blacked out locally. One of the two U.S. Senators from Ohio believes that number should be zero.

Oakland Raiders' Darren McFadden, Jacoby Ford ruled out vs. Kansas City Chiefs - ESPN
Good news for Bronco fans-- The Oakland Raiders head into their crucial game this weekend in Kansas City without four key injured players.

Houston Texans' loss good news for Pittsburgh Steelers - ESPN
Heading into Saturday, the Texans hold a 1½-game lead over the Denver Broncos, who are trying to secure the AFC West title and No. 4 seed. The No. 4 seed has the toughest assignment in the first round of the playoffs because it must play the Steelers or Ravens.

Dolphins, Chiefs played in thrilling Longest Game Ever 40 years ago - Don Banks -
What I recall most is that Christmas dinner was on the table and ready to be served, but the Dolphins were driving late in regulation, a fact my mother seemed completely oblivious to

The Era of the Independent Trainer Begins | National Football Post
With two weeks left to play in the 2011 NFL season, the NFL has announced its enhanced protocol for concussion evaluation.

NFLPA-Announces-Broadcasting-Deal-With-NBC-Sports-Network / News -
NBC Sports Network will carry the inaugural AstroTurf NFLPA Collegiate Bowl, taking place January 21, 2012 in Carson, Calif.

Twitter’s Influence Upon the NFL | Pro Player Insiders
The social network revolution known as Twitter has become a powerful media tool that has completely redefined the connections that people maintain with each other ever since its debut in 2006.

Pro Player Insiders | Duke’s Digest
In professional sports, there is the rare occurrence of teams that accomplish so much over the course of several years that they earn the title of a ‘dynasty.’

Go Broncos!