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Denver Broncos 14 Buffalo Bills 40 Post-Game Thread


Category Broncos Bills
Score 14 40
Rushing Yards
35 car. 133 yards (3.8 ypc) 28 car. 160 yards (5.7 ypc)
Passing Yards
160 191
Total Yards 293 351
3rd Down Conversions 2-13 2-12
T.O.P 30:31 29:08
4 0

Well, it wasn't what we hoped. But, the Broncos still control their own destiny. Of course it was going to come down to this. Week 17. Tim Tebow vs Kyle Orton. Tim Tebow turned the ball over, something we have not seen much in the Broncos success this season but a lot in the last few games. This game will be moved to Sunday night possibly next Sunday. It is pretty simple for the Broncos and again we control our own fate. Win and your win.

Chat about the game. What happened?