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Denver Broncos Miller, Franklin, Harris Make Football Outsiders 2011 All-Rookie Team

With the season winding down, the all the hardware is handed out to players who have had an accomplishing season. The Broncos have a chance to win the AFC West this Sunday meaning they have had a season with success.

The Broncos had high draft picks this year and two of those picks have been recognized for their strong performance.

Football Outsiders announced that outside linebacker Von Miller, right tackle Orlando Franklin and corner Chris Harris were added to their the 2011 All Rookie Team.

Von Miller has been one of the most menacing defensive players in the NFL this season piling up sacks with his quick speed. Football outsiders had this to say about Miller:

The Defensive Rookie of the Year, thanks to 11.5 sacks, 23 quarterback hits, 19 tackles for a loss, and two forced fumbles, among other contributions. Miller has gotten his due this year thanks in part to the extreme passive-aggression of Tebowmania. Those of us who need to remind everyone that Tebow does not play 1-versus-11 football found ourselves shouting "look at the season Von Miller is having!" so often that we may have swung the pendulum the other way on him a bit, making him also sound like a one-man wrecking ball. On the other hand, he is very, very good.

Along with Von Miller, rookie right tackle Orlando Franklin was also selected by Football Outsiders. The Broncos selected Franklin in the second round and replaced Ryan Harris as the starting tackle. Franklin helped make the Broncos one of the most deadly running teams in the NFL. Football Outsiders had this to say about Franklin.

The right tackle who protects Tim Tebow’s blind side is the best rookie offensive lineman from Canada this year, well ahead of poor Danny Watkins. Franklin had real problems with Chris Kelsay last week, but let’s face it: blocking for the Broncos is tricky business. When Tebow is in read-option mode, Franklin can be a real pile-driver on the edge. When Tebow drops to pass, well, anything can happen, but Franklin keeps working through the all-day scrambles.

Chris Harris came to the Broncos different than the other two. The Broncos picked up Chris Harris as a college free agent. Football Outsiders had this to say about Harris:

This is a bit of a cheat, because Harris is really a nickel cornerback, and his future is on the edge. But there are not many eligible safeties, and Harris left college as a safety (albeit a 5-foot-9 one), so we can put him here. Harris plays the run very well for a little guy.

Congratulations to those three Broncos on a fantastic rookie season and here is to many more great seasons to come!