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Sunday's Morsels - 12/04/11

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I usually take Sunday's off from putting together Horse Tracks, but sometimes there are some good articles out there on game day. If I am up early enough on Sunday's, I will try to provide a highly abbreviated version of Horse Tracks called the Sunday's Morsels. Enjoy!

NFL Videos: Playbook: Can Tebow be stopped?
Can the Minnesota Vikings slow down Tim Tebow? The "Playbook" crew gives answers on how to stop the quarterback as well as their picks for the Broncos vs. Vikings matchup this Sunday.

NFL Videos: Playbook: Coaching Tebow
Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy discusses the pleasures of being able to coach Tim Tebow's rare playing style. Michael Lombardi also gives his front office view on the quarterback.

Broncos' Tim Tebow sees a familiar image in mirror - The Denver Post
Around Broncos Nation, the fourth-quarter magic started one week shy of 28 years ago. John Elways late-game heroics even earned nicknames — The Drive, The Fumble, The Drive II.

Denver Broncos vs. Minnesota Vikings: More Tim Tebow Magic Sunday? - NFL Mocks
Since I live so close to Minneapolis, you know there was no question I was going to be in town when the Broncos come to town, and that was even before I knew Tim Tebow would be the starting quarterback.

The 5 Rules of the Tim Tebow Drinking Game | Lists That Actually Matter
Just because Tebow is a religious man, doesn't mean you have to be. So next time you are struggling through the first 3 and 1/2 quarters of a boring Broncos game and waiting for that inevitable final drive when Tebow teams up with God to inexplicably score the winning touchdown, try out this drinking game to pass the time.

Broncos-Vikings: Five Things to Watch |
Five things to watch heading into the Broncos’ clash with the Minnesota Vikings at Mall of America Field at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome on Sunday.